Easter treats: oat milk chocolate, happi eggs, and vegan chocolate buttons

@Rococo ruby chocolate egg 360g

Celebrate at home with deliciously creamy oat milk eggs, moreish ruby chocolate, sweet bunny biscuits and everything needed for the ultimate kids Easter lunch table.

This year Selfridges luxury department store has introduced two new luxury Easter eggs, both with sustainable attributes that are in line with its Project Earth commitments. Selfridges has partnered with Chocolarder who use ethically sourced cacao from the Dominican republic and sugar cane from the green harvest project in Brazil to create delicious 50% milk chocolate Easter eggs. Chocolarder are committed to low carbon solutions, shipping the cacao back to their headquarters in Falmouth, Cornwall via wind powered sail boats. The Almond Nougatine Easter Egg uses almonds wind sailed from Spain and the delightfully crunchy Honeycomb egg uses honey from beekeeper Matt Pitt’s Cornish Black Bees, a breed that he is working hard to conserve and repopulate to the region. Both Easter eggs are presented in 100% plastic free packaging.

@chocolarder gola 60 toasted oat milk chocolate egg 210g


Chocolarder’s new Easter egg is made using just three ingredients: cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar and gluten free oats. The cocoa beans used to create this egg were grown under the canopy of Sierra Leone’s Gola Rainforest National Park. Various charities, including RSPB and The Gola Rainforest project have been working with local farmers to grow the cocoa in harmony with the park (home to several endangered species) instead of contributing to deforestation. Chocolarder have added toasted whole oats to the cocoa beans and sugar to replicate the delicious  of milk chocolate without using dairy. All Chocolarder’s Easter Eggs are presented in plastic free packaging.

@CHOCOLATE Happi Orange Oat M!lk Chocolate Egg 170g


Happi launches a range of dairy, gluten and soya-free Easter eggs in an array of delicious flavours. Made with ethically sourced cacao from Colombian farmers, each egg is packed into fully recyclable packaging. Flavours include: Plain M!lk, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Orange.

The range also includes a Cacao Milk Crunch oat m!lk chocolate bar and vegan chocolate buttons. Too good to

@HIP CHOCOLATE HiP vegan oat milk chocolate pack of four bars 280g


Inspired by the founder’s great-great-great-grandfather, John Cadbury, newly launched H!P aims to disrupt the
classic milk chocolate market by replacing animal-products with oat milk. HiP’s deliciously creamy chocolate bars use cocoa sourced from family-owned businesses in Columbia, allowing them to support sustainable farming relationships and invest in local community projects. The range launches with a Salted Caramel Oat Milk Easter egg and chocolate bars with flavours from Cookies ‘no’ Cream to Salty Pretzel.