Tiffany City HardWear jewellery. It goes perfectly with a leather jacket as it does with couture

Actress and fashion icon Jeanne Damas

Actress and fashion icon Jeanne Damas looked chic on the red carpet for the 42nd César Awards wearing new Tiffany City HardWear jewellery. The full collection will be available worldwide in May.

According the Tiffany, the new jewelry collection “embodies the power and spirit of New York City and the energy of its streets.” The collection name and designs draw inspiration from the urban soul of the city, where the modern rebel mixes high fashion with street style.

Inspired by a unisex bracelet from 1971, the collection has been reimagined to include earrings, rings, necklaces and pendants. Lady Gaga is the muse and ambassadress of the new Hardwear collection. The singer was featured in new Tiffany & Co. Campaign premiered at Super Bowl LI. Lady Gaga, a true New Yorker and style icon who is fiercely feminine and fearlessly original, is seen in the film speaking from the heart—unscripted—about her lifelong passion for the Brand, and more importantly, about her own creative journey towards self-expression and

As seen on Lady Gaga -Tiffany HardWear bracelet Lady Gaga for Tiffany Hardwear 2017 Super Bowl campaign

“In New York, you’re born knowing that Tiffany is the best, and that it is where the magic happens. The Brand is definitive and iconic, yet continues to push and evolve with the times,” said Lady Gaga. “To me, Tiffany represents timeless American jewelry.” The new Tiffany HardWear collection featured in the campaign embodies the strength and spirit of the modern woman, imbued with the

“The metal-intensive designs capture the industrialism of the city. The signature gauge links at the heart of this graphic collection reflect the clean, simple shapes of utilitarian hardware,” says Tiffany.

A chain necklace in 18k gold features graduated links that shift in scale, with a clasp that seamlessly disappears into the piece. A reinterpretation of the original design is embellished with a detachable lock and ball for versatile styling. The unique bolt backing on a pair of triple drop earrings makes for a perfectly symmetrical design, as striking from the back as it is from the front.

Tiffany HardWear will be available on beginning May 2 and in-store worldwide on April 28, with limited and exclusive pre-orders available beginning February 5.

As seen on Lady Gaga -Tiffany HardWear earrings As seen on Lady Gaga -Tiffany HardWear collection

As seen on Lady Gaga - the new Tiffany HardWear triple drop earrings in 18k gold

As seen on Lady Gaga, this new TiffanyHardWear wrap bracelet in 18k gold is available for pre-order in the US only.