This $35-million necklace set with rare Burmese rubies is making a lot of noise

The most extraordinary unheated Burmese Ruby Necklace is “The Grad Phoenix.”

The-Grand-Phoenix-necklace 2017
With the simple philosophy that true passion forges masterpieces, The Grand Phoenix is the ultimate culmination of a lifetime of experience of the jeweler Faidee.

The Grand Phoenix is a necklace that consists of 24 super exceptional Pigeon’s Blood Rubies of 59.83 cts in total weight ranging from 1cts to 6 cts, combined with 100.21 cts total of colorless fancy shape diamonds of D color grade and FL and IF clarity grade.

The outstanding Unheated Burmese ruby necklace was unveiled at 2017 Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Fair.

The number of the rubies in the necklace spanned the lifetime of the company. With the motif of the phoenix displayed in The Grand Phoenix, the history of Faidee is embedded within every cut, polish and curve.

“The Grand Phoenix is an exceptional masterpiece; a collection of flawless rubies spanning over four generations. To find a single exceptional ruby of this calibre is a daunting task but with our passion and burning desire to excel beyond perfection, we’ve managed a miracle that has never been attained in the history of the jewelry industry. We are extremely proud to reveal this extraordinary necklace to the world for the first time,” said Faidee CEO, Ravi Lunia.

The-Grand-Phoenix-necklace 2017 close up

Ravi Lunia also announced Faidee’s upcoming jewelry exhibition in Monte-Carlo, in which the Grand Phoenix necklace and the world’s most scintillating collection of the Burmese rubies from Faidee’s private collection will be displayed. This will be the first ever exclusive Burmese ruby exhibition in the history of jewelry industry, showcasing the largest and most valuable collection of its kind in the world.

This exhibition will not only showcase the most ethereal treasures of the Mogok Valley, but also highlight Faidee’s creative legacy in the jewelry industry.

Presented by the Stardust Monte-Carlo, a longtime Monaco-based luxury jeweler, this exhibition will take place at the prestigious Hotel Hermitage, Salon Belle Epoque, Monaco, Monte-Carlo, from August 1st through August 21st, 2017.