The world’s most detailed globe. The $13,000 Diplomat Globe.


A handcrafted masterpiece, this extraordinary globe features lavish attention to both form and function. The floor- standing globe becomes a focal point of any library or captain’s quarters, grandly cradled in a handcrafted mahogany frame that has been rubbed to a lustrous walnut finish and rolls smoothly on four casters.

Distinctive details include touch-on illumination, rich, ten-color cartography and solid brass, hand-engraved meridian. The hand-carved, genuine mahogany cradle mounting rubbed to a lustrous walnut-finish further emphasizes the Diplomat’s uncommon beauty. An expansive 32″ diameter globe ball featuring over 20,000 place names rank it among the world’s most detailed globes.

“Most globes list no more than 4,000 locations, but at 32″ across, this virtuosic achievement in cartography holds enough detail to spark any geography lover’s imagination, from the Scottish county town of Ayr to the Isthmus of Kra in Thailand to Panama’s Las Perlas Archipelago,” says hammacher schlemmer.

Examining the density of text labels along South America & throughout the U.S., one can see that this is among the most intensely detailed globes available anywhere. One of the most interesting features is that this $13,000 globe handmade in the United States by master globe maker Replogle is updatable.

Requiring more than 40 man-hours to complete, the hand cut and hand applied topographic map radiates with its antique ocean and ten-color political demarcation even when not illuminated from within by its internal 75-watt bulb. The solid brass meridian has been hand-engraved and calibrated every degree. A touch of the solid brass ring turns the light on and off and adjusts to three brightness levels.