The world’s coolest cocktail-making machine to take mixing the perfect cocktail to new heights

Tanqueray No. Ten Imperial Shaker by spirits expert Jason Crawley.

Mix one part superb craftsmanship with a jigger of history and splash of style and what do you get? The world’s coolest cocktail-making machine. Recreated from a nineteenth- century drawing under the guidance of spirits impresario Jason Crawley, the 6’-tall Imperial Shaker oozes authenticity, from its cast iron, brass, copper, and silver materials to the elliptical shake created by the crank. This $35,000 cocktail-making machine is a fantasy gift offered in the 2014 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book with a one- year supply of Tanqueray No. Ten and personal cocktail education session for up to twenty guests with Tanqueray Ambassador Rachel Ford.

With every purchase of the Tanqueray No. Ten Imperial Shaker, Neiman Marcus will donate $5,000 to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation dedicated to supporting youth arts education in communities across the country.