Baselworld 2018: The magnificence setting that makes your diamond appear bigger

Baselworld 2018: Say “I HEART YOU” with magnificence and magnify your love with a gift of jewelry that makes your diamond appear double in size.


The magnificence setting

The magnificence setting

Jewelry brand H. K. Designs launches its new brand of jewellery, ‘Magnificence’ conceived to “magnify our love” for diamonds. A brilliant 1/16 ct diamond looks like a 1/8 ct in these delicate single halo studs.

‘Magnificence’ is a breakthrough in the jewellery category. The unique design & technology allows small precious stones to appear significantly larger and more radiant. As an example, a ½ carat stone has the appearance and the beauty of a 1.0 carat diamond, making it appear twice its original size.

Diamonds are sealed behind an elegant sapphire glass lens, which magnifies the gem’s size and beauty. This innovative lens captures and amplifies light to create a glowing, extravagant piece of jewellery from an otherwise modest stone.

“Magnificence” is priced to compete with stones of comparable size and carat weight but because of the substantial increase in appearance, the perceived value of the product is greatly enhanced,” explains H. K. Designs.

The magnificence effect-02 The magnificence effect-

“A 25-point diamond would seem like a 50 pointer. In terms of value, consumers get a US$3,000 look for just US$1,000 – a third of the price,” H. K. Designs owner Hasu Dholakiya told jnashowdaily. “Centre stones are diamonds of 8 points to 1 carat. The top- quality sapphire glass, which comes with UV coating, does not change the qualities of the diamond but magnifies its brilliance.”

Each sapphire lens has been coated to enhance the wearer experience. The collection features anti-reflective, ultra violet, anti-smudge, and anti-condensation coatings. The anti-reflective coating eliminates surface glare and enhances the brilliance of every r diamond. The ultra violet coating helps to keep the lens looking beautiful even under continuous exposure to the sun. The lens will not hold water droplets, not even when you’re out, enjoying the rains. The anti-smudge treatment prevents fingerprint marks on the lens.

As a leader in the industry for 25 years who has launched successful brands such as: My Diamond Story, Line of Love and Moments of Love. Hasu Dholakiya – President of H. K. Designs says, “We expect that this new innovative collection will be a game changer and
revolutionize the industry.”

The magnificence effect


The magnificence effect-studs