The 1st cream with Camellia micro-droplets: a dive into the strength of micro-hydration

This new fortifying and replenishing moisturiser from Chanel completes the revolutionary hydrating ritual created by the luxury house. HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Crème is the first cream with Camellia micro-droplets.

This “micro crème” delivers continuous hydration, restoring vitality to the skin and preparing it to face daily environmental stress factors. The microfluidic cream harnesses the power of the camellia in micro fractions.

Chanel Hydra Beauty
Fresh, effervescence, vitality and incredible comfort.

The powerful active ingredients include Camellia Alba PFA (for continuos hydration), Camellia Alba OFA (for a smoothing and replenishing effect), and Blue Ginger PFA (for protected and invigorated skin). PFA means “PolyFractioning of Active ingredients” – a process specific to CHANEL that allows for the creation of ultra-pure cosmetic active ingredients.

Capable of acting simultaneously on the main natural hydration mechanisms, Camellia Alba PFA helps the skin restore and maintain optimal moisture levels. Preserved in its purest form at the heart of micro-droplets, Camellia Alba OFA restores volume and elasticity to the upper skin layers. Blue Ginger PFA is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin from free radicals and strengthens its cellular self-defense system like never before.

To give your skin a boost of radiance, Chanel’s beauty experts advise to apply HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Crème followed by LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW FOUNDATION.

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