Tailored kitchens: Pastel Turquoise & Satin Nickel interprets the future owner’s culinary routines and desires



Today the kitchen is equipped with avant-guard technology, inserted inside structures that have inherited the ancient artisanal tradition of metalworking.

Pastel Turquoise & Satin Nickel

Pastel Turquoise & Satin Nickel; @officinegullo.com/

Pastel Turquoise & Satin Nickel by Florence-based Officine Gullo: The personality of this project is overwhelming.

In Germany, in Düsseldorf, Officine Gullo, the maker of bespoke home professional kitchens, in collaboration with the Living Concept Consulting design studio created a unique kitchen room. Called Pastel Turquoise & Satin Nickel, the project is characterized by a magical atmosphere where the white wooden ceiling meets walls that recall the sea.

Taking the restaurant directly to your kitchen space.

The project Pastel Turquoise & Satin Nickel is a linear kitchen with a cooking /washing area and a preparation island with a functional solid wood cutting board. The cooking area consists of a multi-function electric oven and a hob with five burners. The top is in satin steel and the backsplash is in aluminium. The cooking area has also a large tailor-made extractor hood above it, as well as upper cabinets. The kitchen is made of high-thickness fire-painted steel in Pastel Turquoise matt colour with satin nickel finishes.

Pastel Turquoise & Satin Nickel 2019

Pastel Turquoise & Satin Nickel; @officinegullo.com/

Every kitchen by Officine Gullo can be fully personalized in terms of composition, dimensions, colours, and finishes.

In order to bring craftsmanship and technology together, Officine Gullo has provided its cooking machines with appliances designed to increase its customers’ chances of professional and successful cooking. The high-performance brass and cast iron gas burners, highly resistant to oxidation, humidity and long exposure to heat, featuring a power ranging from 3,5 kW to 6 kW, are the fruit of a working philosophy that aims to enhance the potential of any kitchen stove.

Every single element of the cooking machines, from the high-performance gas burners to the coup de feu and professional lava stone barbecue, are suitable for the most varied cooking techniques. The right cooking method is this great chef’s key to reach the perfect crunchiness and the unexpected softness that melts in your mouth, that’s why the best international chefs as Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Chef Aram Mnatsakanov and Chef Vito Mollica have chosen Officine Gullo.


RUBIN RED & BRUSHED NICKEL by Officine Gullo; @officinegullo.com/


The RUBY RED & BRUSHED NICKEL project shows three important working islands and an area for wall mounted washing machines made of highly thick steel which is ruby red stove-enameled and with elegant finishing made of brushed nickel. The first island, with a double top made of marble and heating lamps, is meant as a cocktail cabinet and is equipped with an ice maker and a food warmer. The second island, characterized by two lateral “wings” which hide two-wheeled food trolleys, is meant, on the contrary, for the professional cooking with a clear-cut distinction between the area for first courses and the one for second courses. In fact, this island is equipped with an induction top, a pasta cooker, a sink for preparation and two ovens, on one side, and with frytop, a fryer and a sink, on the other side.

The hood, of significant sizes, is made of satin-finished nickel and offers extremely professional performances. The third island, which shows a top characterized by one single plate of steel longer than 4 meters, is meant for preparation and includes a meat slicer, a blast chiller, a vacuum packing device and a 1.10meter sink in addition to a refrigerator and a freezer. The wall-mounted washing area consists of two small glass cases, a professional washing machine, and an additional washbasin.

This season, Officine Gullo presented a new collection of KITCHEN TAPS.

Officine Gullo presented a new collection of KITCHEN TAPS.; @officinegullo.com/

This season, Officine Gullo presented a new collection of kitchen taps.

There are different shapes, from the bridge tap to the single lever tap with curved gooseneck spout, from the single mixer to the double mixer, which are completed with the choice of three different types of knobs and a sophisticated control lever. Made of brass, they are available in three different finishes: burnished brass, satin nickel and polished chrome.

Green House Kitchen Project

Green House Kitchen Project; @officinegullo.com/

Green House Kitchen Project

The Green House Kitchen Project was born from the collaboration between Officine Gullo and the Alison Henry. A collaboration awarded with the World of Interiors Award Decorex 2018 for the design which is currently being installedinto Alisons own home designer, as well as the new Brand Ambassador.

At the centre of the wall unit stands out the important cooking machine equipped with 4 high-performance burners, a smooth fry-top, a coup-de-feu and a pasta cooker. The cooking appliance completes, in the lower part, with a professional oven and storage compartments. On the sides of the cooking machine there are two columns, one dedicated to the refrigerator and one that hides a breakfast area. The island, located in the centre of the kitchen, is designed to have a washing area with a double tap equipped sink and dishwasher inserted in the lower part. On the other side, the snack bar area that houses the comfortable stools. To create a stylistic continuity, both the backsplash and the top of the island are made of Calacatta Caldia marble.


RUBIN RED & BRUSHED NICKEL by Officine Gullo; @officinegullo.com/