Stunning Celestial Beauty: The GyroGraff Universe proffers a unique star system upon the wrist

MasterGraff GyroGraff World 48mm Galaxy Dial. This evolution of the GyroGraff Universe collections displays a magnificent “Métiers D’Art” galaxy upon the dial.
Each galaxy takes 50 hours for the Graff Diamonds‘ artist to hand-paint on blue aventurine, using a single strand of hair. The stunning 48mm watch takes you on a realistic journey with a three-dimensional moon phase indicator featuring craters and a multi-level guilloche dial. Crafted in Geneva, the exceptional timepiece perfectly combines the highest levels of Swiss horology with unrivaled artistry and gem-setting.

The GyroGraff Universe proffers a unique star system upon the wrist

“The spectacularly vivid galaxy painted on the dial shows swirling stars and beams of magenta, azure, and gold light surrounding the sharp, triangular hands which resemble the arms of ancient sun-dials,” commented artnet.

The GyroGraff luxury timepiece features a horologically innovative moon phase indicator and a manual winding double-axis tourbillon. The moon is presented hand engraved in gold, in stunning three-dimensional form, with a rotating half-sphere cover to indicate the phases as they progress through time.

Each design is hand-chiselled, incorporating an ancient technique rarely used in watchmaking. Colour is then added in the form of high fire enamel, comprising metal oxides and dyes ground to a fine powder, which, after exposure to 900˚C heat, reveals a vibrant hue.

Within the 48mm case a double-axis tourbillon sits at 5 o’clock, while a 65-hour power reserve indicator is positioned at 11 o’clock.

MasterGraff GyroGraff World and Universe

GyroGraff World watch series features remarkably intricate enamelled dials that depict the continents of the earth. Each white gold dial is laser-carved to accurately sculpt the sweeping geographical features of its continent, before being hand-engraved by our master craftsman. The collection includes versions of the Graff MasterGraff GyroGraff World 48mm watches with Asia, Middle East, Europe & Mediterranean Dials.

MasterGraff GyroGraff 48mm
The full diamond and white gold edition is secured on a black crocodile strap with an exclusive Graff deployment buckle. Each element is perfectly complemented by an optional diamond bezel, featuring Graff’s signature invisible mosaic setting that took over a year for Graff’s Master Craftsmen to develop.

The highly sculptural arrangement consists of three diamonds, positioned with two triangular cut diamonds on either side of a hexagon cut diamond – creating the base for the invisible setting.

A total of 72 diamonds (8.03cts) are incorporated into each case, complemented by a white or rose gold surround.

Graff GyroGraff-Galaxy World

MasterGraff GyroGraff World 48mm Galaxy Dial. TECHNICAL INFORMATION:

Movement: Hand wound;
Functions: Hours and minutes, double axis tourbillon, moon phase indicator and power reserve indicator;
Case: Rose gold set with diamonds;
Case back: Mother of Pearl;
Dial: High fire enamel | Galaxy;
Power reserve: 65 hours;
Water resistance:3 ATM;
Buckle: Exclusive Graff deployment buckle;
Strap: Black crocodile.

Each design from the GyroGraff is hand-chiselled, incorporating an ancient technique rarely used in watchmaking