Spring Is A True Feast of Flavours With Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino

Armani/Dolci – The Spring Collection 2023.

@Armani/Dolci The Spring Collection 2023

The Armani/Dolci line was launched in 2002 with the desire to marry the best flavours and the finest ingredients with the signature Giorgio Armani style and elegant aesthetic. Initially conceived for the Armani flagship store in Milan’s Via Manzoni 31, the offering is now available in 15 retail outlets worldwide.

Armani/Dolci sweets are a pure expression of the Turinese confectionery tradition with an emphasis on the use of Italian raw materials such as the Piedmont I.G.P. hazelnuts, Bronte pistachios, milk from the Piedmont Alps or Piedmont mint and saffron. They offer a universe of sophisticated and surprising flavours: pralines, dragées, coated ginger and citrus peel, chocolate bars, chocolate disks, chocolate spreads, jams, honey, teas, biscuits and sugar. Since 2019, all of Armani chocolate is produced by Guido Gobino Ltd., the award-winning artisan of the Italian chocolate industry.

@Armani/Dolci The Spring Collection 2023

Spring is a true festival of flavours with Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino, which offers traditional seasonal products. The Guido Gobino chocolate shop, with more than fifty years of history, represents the tradition of true Turin chocolate.

In addition to the classic Armani/ Dolci Colomba (1 kg), the traditional Italian Easter cake, chocolate eggs (410/440 g) are available in two new flavours: dark chocolate with chopped hazelnuts, or milk chocolate with chopped hazelnuts and amaretto cookies.

The new 2023 Armani/ Dolci product selection also includes an assortment of the Armani/Dolci iconic pralines, as well as two new flavours of the mini Easter eggs, the coconut-filled milk chocolate and dark chocolate with a milk-flavoured heart, along with the new 55 g mini eggs in the classic milk and dark chocolate versions.

Artisan-baked Colomba by @Armani/Dolci The Spring Collection 2023

Armani/Dolci 2023 collection proposes an artisan-baked Colomba with the lightest consistency for a traditional Easter; made from French butter and free-range eggs exclusively from Italian farms. The candied fruit also comes from Italy, with fragrant peel from Navel oranges grown in the abundant orchards of Calabria. Finishing off this special recipe for the Armani/Dolci Colomba are the best sultana raisins and the natural aroma of Madagascar vanilla (Slow Food® Presidia).

@Armani/Dolci Milk chocolate with hazelnuts and amaretti biscuits grains spring egg 440g

The classic milk chocolate egg in 440g with the A logo in relief and the diagonal striped surface incorporates the motif of the canneté, a fabric that has always been present in the Giorgio Armani collections, embellished with chopped hazelnuts and amaretti biuscuits grains on the back.

The sophisticated packaging was specifically designed to match the refined flavours of the Spring collection 2023 products. Boxes and tins are wrapped in a soft lilac hue, inspired by the bright, crystal encrusted dresses of the Giorgio Armani Women’s Spring/Summer 2023 Collection.