New Potential: 3 Augmented Reality Devices Enabling New Exciting Experiences

Augmented reality devices enable exciting experiences by pushing the boundaries of human perception. Take a look at this three devices awarded with 2022 Red Dot Design Awards.

The Red Dot Award is an international design competition for product design, communication design and design concepts. Red Dot Awards are some of the most prestigious awards in the design industry.

Every year, the Red Dot Award: Product Design sets out to find the year’s best products. The products selected by the Red Dot Jury to win an award may be aesthetically appealing, functional, smart or innovative, but what they all have in common is their outstanding design.

Augmented Reality Head-Mounted Display @Magic Leap 2 by @Magic Leap, Inc., Plantation, FL, USA

Augmented Reality Head-Mounted Display Magic Leap 2 by Magic Leap, Inc., Plantation, FL, USA

Designed from the user’s perspective, this augmented reality headset allows direct interaction with 3D digital content integrated into the physical world. As a small and lightweight headset, it promotes high versatility in application.

“The core of our design ethos is the creation of products that amplify human potential through digital technology,” is how the designers define the Magic Leap 2.

The system consists of a head-mounted display that adapts comfortably to the wearer’s head, a wearable computing unit and a handheld controller. Integrated sensors and cameras on the headset map the physical environment while the innovative “segmented dimmer” feature improves visibility of content in direct light. The form factor and sleek design are inspired by eyewear, making it non-intimidating and familiar to use. This opens up new possibilities in the way people work in a variety of enterprise scenarios, including healthcare, manufacturing, construction, engineering, education and training. For example, the device enables training of any kind to be communicated from different locations, while CAD data and screens of any size can be easily shared.

“The Magic Leap 2 augmented reality headset impresses with its elegant appearance. It is light, comfortable to wear and ergonomically adapted to the wearer’s head. Inspired in its design by the form factor of glasses, it visualises professionalism and accessibility. In line with its innovative technology, it expands the possible uses for augmented reality applications in companies or in the field of training.” – 2022 Red Dot Design Award Jury.

Neuromorphic camera technology for @Neuromorphic Camera DVXplorer by @ iniVation, Zurich, Switzerland

Neuromorphic camera technology for Neuromorphic Camera DVXplorer by iniVation, Zurich, Switzerland

Human vision is unique in terms of our ability to perceive the world in all its complexity and filter out and process important information from the endless stream of sensory input within fractions of a second – all without requiring much energy at all.

This amazing ability inspired the technology underpinning the DVXplorer neuromorphic camera. Its dynamic vision processing system is characterised by extremely fast reaction times of less than one millisecond, a high dynamic range and low power consumption. This has been made possible by the development of the Dynamic Vision Platform, a combination of hardware and software centred around a patented vision sensor chip.

This chip replicates the key aspects of the human retina. Thanks to the neuromorphic pixel design, it only reacts to changes in light at the pixel level and transmits the images with a time resolution in the microsecond range. DVXplorer thus offers the performance of a high-speed camera running at thousands of images a second – yet produces far fewer data, as a significant proportion of the data processing already occurs within the sensor. Such real-time reactivity is required for augmented reality applications, autonomous driver-assistance systems and industrial robots, for example. DVXplorer can also be used for gesture recognition, data-protection-compliant and energy-saving surveillance and fast tracking of barcodes and other objects in motion.

“The DVXplorer neuromorphic camera is inspiring in its implementation of pioneering yet mass-production-ready technology for dynamic image-processing, making it much faster and more efficient than conventional camera systems. It impressively combines functional complexity with extremely compact dimensions and a minimalist design offset only by fine, purple-coloured lines,” commented 2022 Red Dot Design Award Jury.

@MR Glasses X-Craft by @Rokid, Hangzhou, China

MR Glasses X-Craft by Rokid, Hangzhou, China

The X-Craft MR Glasses are designed for operational training, remote support, factory inspections, maintenance of complex production equipment, etc. Thanks to the augmented reality display and 5G transmission, they improve work efficiency in the industrial sector. The binocular waveguide display technology provides a large field of view and high-resolution display of text, images, 3D models and other information. With AI voice interaction and image recognition technology, the handy tool helps to improve work efficiency, reduce errors and keeps hands free, ensuring work safety.

“These MR Glasses meet the special requirements of the industrial sector outstandingly due to their functional design.” – stated 2022 Red Dot Design Award Jury.

Augmented Reality Head-Mounted Display @Magic Leap 2 by @Magic Leap,