Men are investing more in long-lasting fine jewellery items, says MR PORTER


MR PORTER, the luxury online destination for men’s style, launches fine jewellery campaign.

MR PORTER fine jewellery 2022; @MR PORTER

MR PORTER launches its first Fine Jewellery Campaign, showcasing a curated selection of men rings, necklaces, bracelets & anklets from global jewellery brands, each celebrating elements of Symbolism, Craft, Modernity & Expressionism.

The Men Fine Jewellery selection showcases 14 brands including 12 fully exclusive pieces to MR PORTER from Elhanati, Suzanne Kalan, MAOR, Shaun Leane, Duffy Jewellery and LAUD.

MR PORTER fine jewellery 2022; @MR PORTER

Brand new to MR PORTER are Jacquie Aiche & HOORSENBUHS; both Los Angeles based jewellery brands focused on handcrafted techniques and Repossi, an Italian jewellery house that offers timeless, avant-garde pieces.

Jacquie Aiche creates modern-day talismans meant to empower and inspire, finding ethereal vision in outer space creating the 14-Karat Gold, Opal, Enamel and Diamond Ring that showcases a vibrant opal solar system.

HOORSENBUHS creates considered modern heirlooms, each piece carefully handcrafted from precious metals and gemstones. The brands signature Tri-Link design symbolises strength, quality and abundance and is used on the Dame Tri-Link Gold Ring & Quad Link Gold Ring.

MR PORTER fine jewellery 2022; @MR PORTER

@Repossi at @MR PORTER

Repossi, the product of four generations of heritage and craftsmanship, is famed for its diamond[1]studded jewellery. The Antifer Blackened White Gold Diamond Ring is named after the cliffs in Normandy, mimicking the cliff curves and jagged peaks.

MR PORTER’s growing Fine Jewellery offering is championing a diverse range of jewellery brands who specialise in beautifully handcrafted pieces.

“We have launched over 20 new brands this year, which is coupled with the huge surged in men’s jewellery at MR PORTER, across our key regions. Our global customers are investing more in long-lasting items, seeking pieces with true craftsmanship attributes from both established brands and those they may have not heard of before. Men are wanting to make an impact and impression with their jewellery, buying diamond, multi-coloured stones, and black gold pieces, with pendants and link bracelets being the favourable styles. We are excited for our Fine Jewellery category to have a new home on MR PORTER as it continues to grow.” – Maxim De Turckheim, Senior Buyer – Luxury Watches & Jewellery, MR PORTER.

MR PORTER fine jewellery 2022; @MR PORTER

MR PORTER fine jewellery selection 2021-2022; @MR PORTER