Meet the slimmest profile across G-SHOCK’s high-end luxury full-metal collections

@G-SHOCK’s luxury full-metal GMB2100 series

Casio, the Japanese multinational electronics manufacturing corporation headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, announced the latest additions to G-SHOCK‘s luxury full-metal line-up with the introduction of the new GMB2100 series. Boasting octagonal bezels and the slimmest profile yet across G-SHOCK’s full-metal collections, along with updated hairline & mirror-like finishes, the latest timepieces offer an upscale look with a simplistic design. These new, premium models are available in three colorways, including Silver (GMB2100D-1A), Dark Gray IP (GMB2100BD-1A), and Copper IP (GMB2100GD-5A).

@G-SHOCK’s luxury full-metal GMB2100 watches

G-SHOCK GMB2100 timepieces

The premium full-metal design of the GMB2100 watch series is achieved using a three-step surface-finishing technique, which results in a distinct, 3-dimensional appearance on the case/bezel. The technique includes a circular hair-line finish on the top surfaces, a vertical hair-line finish on the side surfaces, and a luxurious mirror-like appearance on the main part of the bezel. The 3-D look is continued on the dial with indexes and inner-dials, which utilizes a vapor deposition treatment to further achieve the sharp detail across all three models.

In addition to the sophisticated design, the watches also feature fine-resin between the bezel and inner-case for shock absorption, adding to the overall toughness of the full-metal timepieces. Innovative three prong band connections and screw back-cases are also adopted in this newest series.

@G-SHOCK’s luxury full-metal GMB2100 timepieces

Along with luxurious finishes, the latest collection also arrives in a slimmed down profile compared to its previous full-metal counterparts. For example, the full-metal GMWB5000 comes in at 13.0 mm thickness, while the GMB2100 series arrives at 12.8 mm.

In addition, the new GMB2100 watch models include advanced technical capabilities like Tough Solar Technology, made possible by the inclusion of a highly resilient film-like solar panel on the dial that allows the watch to convert power from even the weakest light sources. They also boast Bluetooth capabilities with built-in Smartphone Link functions via the G-SHOCK Connected app, permitting the watches to connect to a smartphone for automatic time updates, simple watch setting, time stamp with location, calendar reminder, and a unique phone finder function.

@G-SHOCK’s luxury full-metal GMB2100 watches

All three timepieces also come equipped with standard G-SHOCK technology including:

Shock Resistance
200M Water Resistance
Double LED (Super Illuminator) light
5 Alarms + Hourly Time Signal
1/100Stopwatch (24 Hr)
Countdown Timer (60 Min)
Full Auto Calendar
World Time (38TZ, 38Cities+UTC) up to 300 with the app
Hand shift feature
Date/month display swapping
Multi-lingual day of week display (En, Es, Fr, Ge, It and Ru).

@G-SHOCK’s luxury full-metal GMB2100 watches