Underwear with women in mind: Upgrade your drawer with the feelgood lingerie trends


‘The new lingerie is all about body confidence, comfort, versatility, and performance.

As the demand for functional fabrics continues to increase, we can also see this trend in lingerie. The innovative, “ready for real life” fabrics are creating flowing garments with a feminine touch, transforming women into body positivity activists. The natural and body-shaping lingerie is poised between a harmonious silhouette and functional comfort. The fabrics move with you, every which way. The multi-tasking garments are fulfilling multiple purposes, delivering comfort, performance and simple yet unique design. The seamless technology makes the new lingerie items more comfortable. The lingerie is more about the wearer and less about who might be looking at her. The elevated essentials for 2019 include a super comfortable wire free bra, a flattering bodysuit, a versatile tank with a built-in bra, and, of course, the leak-proof underwear.

Everybody BodySuit by Knix

photo source: knix.com

According to David Shah, trend forecaster, editor of Textile New and coordinator of MarediModa Trend Board, the apparel sector is undergoing a total reconstruction. Following in the footsteps of athleisure movement, leisurée is making its way into the wardrobe as the new underwear trend that combines the best of athleisure with lingerie, resulting in beautiful but comfortable designs. The brands are embracing different female experiences and bodies, focusing on inclusivity and designing genderless clothes that are purposeful.

“All the creativity right now is coming from the activewear brands, who can offer a clear, impactful and motivational story, combining heritage, classical references and recognisable style and simplicity with new values, new role models and ideas. Nothing like this is coming from ordinary apparel companies,” said David. “Hip hop stars and skaters are the new royalty, streetwear is the new luxury, and the pop-up culture is changing the way we as consumers are reached out to by the brands – we are now offered more than just clothes, we are now part of something meaningful.”

Here is the perfect assortment of must-haves with the right compromise between innovation and aesthetic look.

knix Athletic Leakproof Boyshort

photo source: knix

Great-looking, high-performance and leak-proof underwear

Extra absorbent and as comfortable, period friendly underwear are ready for the challenges of the everyday battles. And everything that comes with them, including sweat, leaks, incontinence, and periods. These products tell a story of technology as much as social trends. Made using textiles sourced from world-class cycling, Knix boyshorts are one of the most innovative products offering ultra-thin leak proof protection. The leak-resistant underwear absorbs 3 tsp worth of liquid. The performance underwear features anti-microbial properties, breathable vents. It dries faster than other materials. The “wear-and-forget” sports-inspired lingerie fits seamlessly.

“Two things stuck out,” said Joanna Griffiths, Founder and CEO of Knix, told torontolife. “First, that women were looking for better products across the board. And second, that the intimates category as a whole was making women feel pretty crappy about themselves—broadcasting one message that one very singular body type was the best body type.”

Everybody BodySuit

photo source: knix

The Everybody Bodysuit

This smart underwear product is a wardrobe staple for every body. The look is enduring as it transcends fashion. The everybody bodysuit lifts the chest, it’s easy to adjust, and it looks great under layers or on its own. It seamlessly hugs the body to create a streamlined silhouette.

Knixwear flattering bodysuit, a versatile tank with a built-in bra

photo source: knix

The versatile tank with a built-in bra

Going braless with confidence is one of the best science fiction movies of all times? Meet the new generation of thanks with a seamlessly integrated wire-free bra. This figure-flattering tank without bra straps provides surprising comfort and support, encouraging women into an era of fearlessness and convenience. Moisture-wicking & anti-odor properties, and the breathable bra inserts make this all-in-one tank just perfect for adding shape and coverage without the bulk.

Knix must-haves 2019

photo source: knix

High-impact wire free sports bra

Supporting women up to size 42G, these bras designed for stressful training situations, provide lift without uncomfy underwire. The specially-designed cups dramatically reduce movement boasting continuous comfort throughout the day. Expertly engineered to provide superior support during high-impact workouts, The high-impact sports bra is also designed to be easier to take off.
What customers will want next year? We will all slip into something a little more comfortable thanks to these genius new underwear inventions that make the world a better place.

Knix must-haves

photo source: knix