5 Storage Solutions for the Home That Are Functional and Attractive


5 Beautiful Storage Ideas for the Modern Home

You need things to keep your house functional and practical. Unfortunately, the accumulation of things can make a house look too busy. In order to maintain an attractive, yet practical home, you need storage solutions that fit the design of your home.

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The “Why” Behind Organization

Walk into most homes around America and you’ll find stacks, messes, and plenty of disorganization. For the most part, people don’t care. They also assume that it doesn’t really matter. But being organized is about more than keeping a clean house and impressing visitors. Being organized actually has numerous benefits – including:

  • Better relaxation. The home is supposed to be a peaceful respite from the stress of the outside world. But if it’s cluttered and disorganized, you may find it hard to unwind and relax. With a well-organized house, you’re free to kick your feet up.
  • Saves time. How much time do you waste looking for car keys, purses, bills, remotes, phones, etc.? With an organized home, everything has a place and is easily accessible.
  • Greater productivity. Research studies show that clutter is distracting. And by cleaning up, you can actually boost your productivity (especially if you work from home).

There are dozens of other documented benefits that support the push for a more organized home, but you get the idea. It’s not about looking like you have it all together. It’s about maximizing your family’s potential.

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5 Storage Solutions

The question is, how do you stay organized? While smart habits will take you a long way, it’s all about having the right storage solutions. Here are a few ideas to chew on:

1. Garage Shelving

The garage is one of the collection points for stuff that you no longer want in the house (or can’t keep inside). Over time, many garages become so crammed with junk that it’s no longer feasible to park cars inside. One solution is to invest in garage shelving.

The beauty of garage shelving solutions is that they take advantage of vertical storage (which tends to be fairly high in a normal garage space). It allows you to store items without taking away from valuable floor space. It also pushes items out of your sightline, which makes the space seem less crowded.

Here’s a look at some top garage shelving solutions.

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2. Backyard Shed

Even with strategic garage shelving, you may not have enough room for all of your stuff. This is often true for people who have lots of equipment, tools, or supplies for hobbies. In this situation, a stylish backyard shed can free up space and provide secure storage for your things.

3. Vertical Storage

When it comes to storage inside your home, you have to think creatively. In some areas, this might look like integrating vertical storage solutions. Whether it’s the kitchen, pantry, laundry room, or bathrooms, vertical storage lets you take advantage of a room’s height without making feeling crowded.

With vertical storage, be careful not to get too busy. Too much shelving, cabinets, or hanging items will give your house a cluttered feel. Stick to sleek solutions that complement the room.

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4. Functional Furniture

One of the best ways to maximize space and stay organized is to choose functional furniture that doubles as storage. This is particularly common in living rooms and bedrooms, where ottomans, beds, desks, and even chairs can have storage areas built inside.

5. Unfinished Space

If you have unfinished space in your home, consider yourself lucky. Whether it’s an attic space, storage closet underneath a staircase, or even a finished crawlspace, these little nooks can be used to store items that you only need once or twice a year – such as holiday decorations or camping gear.

If you do choose to store items in unfinished space, make sure it’s protected from the elements. Seal up any holes where animals, weather, or moisture could get inside. Consider covering items in tarps or blankets to create additional protection.

Take Charge of Your Life

If you want to be in more control over your home, it starts by keeping an organized house. With simple storage solutions, like the ones highlighted in this article, you can take charge and enjoy the freedom that comes with having your life in order.