Hublot And Depeche Mode Are Going Back On Tour After All This Time

Hublot and Depeche Mode partner again for a greener future.

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The luxury Swiss watchmaker has had a long-standing partnership with the English electronic band Depeche Mode. The collaboration started in 2010 and has resulted in several limited edition timepieces inspired by the band’s music and aesthetic.

Since their first partnership in 2010, Hublot and Depeche Mode have collaborated a number of times to support causes, notably The Teenage Cancer Trust, which supports young people suffering from cancer. This new partnership has a shared goal of driving tangible change towards sustainability, waste reduction and cleaning up the environment.

Watch manufacture Hublot and Depeche Mode are once again partnering for good in support of a global environmental protection charity. The legendary band kicked off its Memento Mori World in support of its studio album of the same name. Hublot is supporting the band on the global tour to raise funds and public awareness.

The partnership is unique because it goes beyond a simple celebrity endorsement or product placement. Hublot and Depeche Mode share a commitment to social and environmental causes, and the partnership has been focused on supporting the band’s charity organization, called “Charity: Water.”

Hublot has created several limited edition watches to support the charity, with a portion of the proceeds from each sale going directly to fund clean water projects in developing countries. The watches often feature design elements inspired by Depeche Mode’s music, such as the “Black Celebration” watch, which has a black ceramic case and black leather strap, inspired by the band’s 1986 album of the same name.

In addition to supporting Charity: Water, Hublot and Depeche Mode have also collaborated on a number of events, including a charity concert in support of the organization, which was held in New York in 2017. The concert featured a performance by Depeche Mode, as well as a silent auction of limited edition Hublot watches, with all proceeds going to the charity.

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Overall, the partnership between Hublot and Depeche Mode is a testament to the power of collaboration between two brands that share common values and a commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

“We were so excited to hear that Depeche Mode are going back on tour after all this time! And we knew immediately we had to collaborate again. Hublot has always been be first, different and unique, and there’s no sound that captures that philosophy better than the music of Depeche Mode. We’re also delighted to join with the band to support the work of The Conservation Collective and to know that funds raised by this tour will go to grassroots organizations bringing real change to our environment. We can’t wait to soak up the unique atmosphere that makes a Depeche Mode live date so special and wish Dave and Martin the very best as they release their new album Memento Mori and head out on tour. Hublot loves Depeche Mode!”— Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

“A sincere thanks to our long-time collaborator Hublot, and to Ricardo and all our friends at Hublot for sponsoring the Memento Mori World Tour’s charitable efforts and joining us in our support of The Conservation Collective. This is a big moment for the band going back on tour for the first time in five years, and it’s incredibly meaningful to have such a great partner once again by our side.” — Dave Gahan and Martin Gore, Depeche Mode

“Everywhere you look there are brilliant, passionate people working to create positive environmental change. Local environmental re-granting foundations of the Conservation Collective make it possible for individuals and local businesses to provide financial support to the most effective organizations working for the protection and restoration of nature in the place that they love. Thank you to Depeche Mode and Hublot for turbo-charging our work and for promoting our stories on a global platform!”— Ben Goldsmith, President of The Conservation Collective.

LVMH publishes 2022 Social and Environmental Responsibility Report

LVMH was equally active in advancing its environmental responsibility commitments, led by Antoine Arnault, LVMH Image & Environment. Concrete results from the LIFE 360 program reflect the active engagement of the entire Group and its Maisons. An energy reduction plan was introduced to cut the Group’s energy consumption by 10% between October 2022 and October 2023, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy consumption by 11%, and cut scope 3 emissions by 15%.

The Group strives to “change conceptions of beauty to make sustainability synonymous with desirability, to make a circular economy model essential, and to foster a new relationship between nature and the living world.”

Initiatives to nurture and protect biodiversity – presented during COP 15 – accelerated throughout 2022, notably greater cooperation between LVMH and UNESCO around projects to mitigate the impact of climate change on biodiversity and improve the resilience of ecosystems. The Group also multiplied innovative research initiatives. Agroforestry programs, projects to develop keratin-based fibers, recycling and upcycling to boost creative circularity, for example, all help drive continuous progress towards greater sustainability. LVMH received a triple A rating from the CDP, a strong signal that encourages to reach even further.

Lastly, LVMH’s social responsibility engagement extends to support for artistic creativity and broad access to culture. The Fon­dation Louis Vuitton organized three exceptional exhibitions dedicated to the Morozov Collection, to Simon Hantaï and to Monet and Mitchell, welcoming millions of visitors from France and around the world. This success is emblematic of LVMH’s mission of promoting culture and making it widely available to spark dreams.

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