High-end Prisma kitchen with a built-in tablet

High-tech countertops that double as built-in tablets with access and touchscreen technology
Toncelli Prisma kitchen with a built-in Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Toncelli has participated 19 times at Milan Design Week’s Eurocucina, the unmissable event for the best in the kitchen sector. In 2010, for its 50th anniversary, Toncelli presented Progetto50, a minimalist collection, enriched with exclusive Italian-made materials, reinterpreting the secrets of 18th century French cabinetmakers and 15th century inlayers.

At Eurocucina 2012, Toncelli unveiled six exclusive kitchen-spaces: The Progetto50 collection; Essential Quadra (evolution of Essential and Credenza models); a contemporary restyling of Nantìa; Morning Calm, produced by Toncelli’s Korean partner Nefs; and Prisma, the new technological jewel, created with Experientia.

Prima’s interactive workbench sports Samsung touch-screen technology, with an internet connection to update contents chosen from a programmed menu. The lazy susan gives a personal touch, with its stand for a tablet computer. The high-tech kitchen features surfaces in black glass, prismatic sink and Samsung cooktop.

Technical details:

Composition: island with interactive table, tall unit, open element on tall unit, suspended top.
Standard module 30x45x60x90, hanging cupboards, base element;
All modules can be ordered and made to measure.
Panels: clear red and white lacquer.
Bench tops: the minimalist materials include black glass and anodized aluminium
Island: floating island with interactive table and sliding chopping board with tablet stand
Materials: black glass, anodized aluminium / finish on doors: clear white lacquer
Technology and electrical appliances: Samsung.