Great Women Artists by Kering x Phaidon – a book that tells the stories of over 400 artists spanning 500 years





Kering Luxury Group and Phaidon, a global publisher of books on art, architecture, design, fashion, photography, and popular culture, launch “Great Women Artists” – an extensive book on an era where art made by women is more prominent than ever.

Great Women Artists Phaidon

Great Women Artists; @Phaidon x @kering

The book tells the stories of over 400 artists spanning 500 years and reveals a parallel yet equally engaging history of art for an age that champions a great diversity of voices.

Through this partnership with Phaidon, Kering is strengthening its commitment to women in the arts.

A major priority for the luxury Group, Kering’s support of the empowerment of women extends into the world of arts and culture through the Women In Motion program. Since its creation in 2015, Women In Motion has highlighted the creativity and uniqueness of talented women whose work in the fields of arts and culture, is helping to transform the luxury group’s vision of the world. This support also manifests through the Kering Foundation which has been combating violence against women worldwide for over 10 years.

In celebration of Great Women Artists and with the support of Kering, Phaidon and Artspace launched a charitable portfolio of limited-edition prints to benefit one of the Kering Foundation’s partners: the non-profit Promundo-US, a leading organization in promoting gender justice, preventing violence against women by engaging boys and men as partners with women and girls.


Great Women Artists Book; @Phaidon x @kering

The funds raised by Phaidon and Artspace, will support the launch of a Boyhood Campaign and Initiative co-developed by Promundo and the Kering Foundation, alongside other partners, including those focused on girls’ empowerment. The Boyhood Campaign and Initiative will shift the media and social narrative around manhood and boyhood in the US and globally, and will support parents, educators, coaches, and media makers with the resources they need to raise, teach, coach, and set an example for boys to become equitable and connected men. This will begin in the US with future expansion to other countries.

The limited portfolio of prints was commissioned exclusively for this project and features six artists and six unique prints, each in an edition of 100. Cecily Brown, Lubaina Himid, Bharti Kher, Catherine Opie, Jenny Saville, and Dana Schutz have contributed to the portfolio, which seeks to raise close to $1 million for Promundo. Prints by these contemporary artists are scarcely available, and this well-rounded portfolio offers collectors the opportunity to acquire works at an accessible price while supporting a worthy cause.

The portfolio retails for $9,000 for the suite of six, and $1,500 for an individual print. The prints are available for sale beginning exclusively on


Great Women Artists Book; @Phaidon x @kering


Great Women Artists Book; @Phaidon x @kering