Hidden time: Graff Diamonds Princess Butterfly secret watch

A transformable jewellery watch: Graff Diamonds Princess Butterfly secret watch is a key that can allow you to access pockets of space-time.

Graff Diamonds Princess Butterfly-

For the first time in Graff Diamonds history, the delicate butterfly motif is represented in a striking literal translation. This luxury hidden timepiece is featuring a highly-sculptural butterfly depicted by an outline of tapered baguette gemstones, which define the pavé wings and conceal the treasure. The bracelet of this evolution comprises four alternating flowing and interwoven lines of pavé baguette and brilliant round diamonds. Graff’s craftsmen have exquisitely cradled each diamond within a minimal setting to enable the light to amplify the brilliance of each stone.

The watch incorporates a highly innovative, jewelled mechanism which is pushed to reveal the secret 17mm watch dial set with mother of pearl.

The creation of a transformable jewellery watch requires careful consideration to ensure a flawless ease of transformation, from jewelled bracelet to secret watch with discrete settings and invisible mechanisms.

Graff’s master craftsmen spent many months testing the design, involving advanced 3D technology to realise the butterfly wings, mapping each curve and contour to reflect accurate movement and shape of the butterfly while ensuring the composition and construction were perfected.

A coordinating satin watch strap complete the timepiece, however it is the bracelet of the all diamond Princess Butterfly variation, which exemplifies the attention to detail of Graff’s design team. A work of art to be gracefully worn on the wrist, Graff Princess Butterfly is in the offical pre-selection for the 2016 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG). The winner’s name will be drawn and announced on-stage on November 10th 2016 during the GPHG prize-giving ceremony that will be live streamed on gphg.org

Princess-Butterfly-watch Graff Diamonds Princess Butterfly- Graff Diamonds Princess Butterfly watch 2016--- Graff Diamonds Princess Butterfly watch 2016- Graff Diamonds Princess Butterfly watch 2016