Decoration surfaces: Discover what Vetrite can do for your home. So eye catching!


For 2018 Cersaie fair,  mosaic and luxury design specialist Sicis The Art of Mosaic Factory has proposed fluid spaces, light, color and has given unusual suggestions for walls and floors, mixed with different styles. Sicis has brought at Cersaie 2018, The International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, new ideas both in terms of mosaic and Vetrite, a luxury material with inimitable characteristics for surfaces and coverings.

sicis cersaie 2018

sicis cersaie 2018; photos:;

Here, together with the main mosaic collections and Vetrite glass slabs lines, the Ravenna Company has proposed various rooms to allow visitors to capture the essence and the beauty of new decoration surfaces and coating solutions. In addition to the already iconic mosaic collections, Sicis presented the Crystal collection. The goal is to choose, invent and develop unique and exclusive materials expressing a new and experimental vision of the world of
covering surfaces.

In some displays the essential design in which the decorations have been elaborated has been enlivened by an unexpected detail: a glass lamp and a minute mosaic or a chair with bright velvets, elements coming from sicis Interiors lines.

The fascination of the artistic mosaic was further enhanced by the use of backlit Vetrite in 3D. Intersected lines, circles and semi-circumferences, geometry is expressed both in classic and timeless black and white, and also with color, declined in the form of patterns always obtained with mosaic games from the various collections and Vetrite.

sicis cersaie 2018-

sicis cersaie 2018; photos:;

sicis cersaie 2018 crystal

sicis cersaie 2018; photos:;

sicis cersaie 2018 bathroom

sicis cersaie 2018; photos:;

Vetrite Gem Glass, glass slabs in large dimension and polymers obtained from a complex research process, allows the interpretation of the walls as immense palettes, to be used as sets. A combination of special techniques and processes has created glass sheets that capture the timeless and limitless beauty of precious stones, lava rock, as well as dream landscapes. Tnew Vetrite panels from Gem Glass collection reproduce the cut of precious gems, suitable for table tops, walls or floor panels. So eye catching.

“Timeless gems that reflect their rare beauty through the magic of glass. Glass slabs with rich and saturated colors and shading, rippling patterns create various color effects on fields of opaque, white, or chrome invoking lunar-like landscapes. Also available translucent allowing light to play with the colors and patterns,” explained Sicis team.

New sicis architectural glass line “Vetrite”, surprise again the market with the new Electric Marble line. the marble comes to life within its veins hit by metal glows to create plates in metallic shades with energetic hues that can make any environment unique.

The new Crystal Collection, the last of the forms in the mosaic tiles world, allows to create arabesque patterns or modern designs up to the timeless ‘tone on tone’, or monochrome. With this hexagonal tesseres you can also conceive figures and patterns in combination with other mosaic collections.

sicis madrid vetrite examples


Sicis in Madrid

A new Sicis showroom has recently been inaugurated in the Spanish capital, hosted within a prestigious elite context: Ortega y Gasset street, Salamanca district.

“We constantly develop innovative products for furniture and decoration, presenting in this new space of 400 square meters our furniture collections and surfaces products. Here you can find a wide range of materials: a real design system, versatile and creative thanks to the infinite possibilities of customization, for a space in continuous transformation,” explained the design company.

sicis cersaie 2018-products

sicis cersaie 2018; photos:;

One of the latest collections of Vetrite is Gem Glass, born from the introduction of sophisticated techniques and processes

One of the latest collections of Vetrite is Gem Glass, born from the introduction of sophisticated techniques and processes; photos:;

examples of bathrooms with shapes and chromatism of extraordinary elegance, furniture always made of Vetrite

examples of bathrooms with shapes and chromatism of extraordinary elegance, furniture always made of Vetrite; photos:;