Chocolate is at the heart of Valentine’s Day: The best and the absolute worst gifts to get your Valentine


Happiness for 2: Chocolate and Candy to Play Central Role in Valentine’s Day 2021.

Valentine’s Day chocolate and candy can provide a fun way to connect with loved ones and promote little moments of joy during this unusual and uncertain time, according to a report from the National Confectioners Association in the US. An overwhelming 86% of Americans report that they’ll share a gift of chocolate and candy this Valentine’s Day.

“Throughout the pandemic, one thing that has remained consistent is that Americans appreciate chocolate and candy for the sense of comfort they bring during challenging times,” John Downs, NCA president & CEO, said. “The confectionery category remains resilient as people find new and creative ways to incorporate chocolate and candy into their celebrations of holidays and special moments like Valentine’s Day.”

Some more fun facts about Valentine’s Day:

  • 84% of Americans think that chocolate and candy are a fun part of special celebrations, including Valentine’s Day.
  • 87% of Americans enjoy seasonal Valentine’s Day chocolate and candy.
  • When asked how they select a treat from a Valentine’s Day box of chocolates, 50% of Americans said they find the “map” and carefully choose one, 31% said they randomly pick one, 13% of people said they bite the corner to determine the filling and just 6% of respondents poke the bottom to find out the flavor.

In a box of Valentine’s Day chocolate, people say they look for:

  • 32% – caramel;
  • 24% – chocolate covered nuts;
  • 21% – chocolate-filled;
  • 11% – cream-filled;
  • 9% – coconut;
  • 3% – other.

Most people in the U.S. enjoy chocolate and candy 2-3 times per week, averaging about 40 calories per day and about one teaspoon of
added sugar per day.

Last Valentine’s Day, reported the worst gifts their users were ever given which included a used candle and a card themed for the wrong holiday. With an entire year gone by, resurveyed its users to discover 78% have received gifts that they didn’t really enjoy. Surprising presents include:

  • Wilted Flowers;
  • A picture frame with no picture in it;
  • A pet hamster;
  • A bag of unopen assorted Halloween candy;
  • Valentine’s Day themed socks;
  • An online workout subscription;
  • An Ashtray;
  • A used gift card;
  • An open bottle of wine / liquor;
  • An old VHS movie.


Although the previously mentioned gifts aren’t the best, there are some gifts that one should avoid entirely when thinking about what to get their significant other this Valentine’s Day. Those gifts are as following:

Engagement Style Ring: The only time you should get your partner a ring that looks like an engagement ring is when you are proposing. An engagement ring is a really special piece of jewelry that represents love and commitment. It should only be given when you are ready to take that next step with your significant other.

Perfume/Cologne that Your Ex Used to Wear: Scent is a very personal thing. Everyone has they own identifying smell. If you are thinking about getting your partner a perfume or cologne for Valentine’s Day, make sure to pick out one that you really think will suit them. Picking a scent that your ex used to wear is something to avoid when shopping.

A Pet: Even though they are very cute, pets are a huge 10-20-year commitment. When choosing a gift for your partner, you want to make it something that they can enjoy but don’t need to tend to everyday. However, if you are thinking about getting your partner a pet, make sure it isn’t a surprise and they are onboard with the idea.

@Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

That’s Amore! a pop-up offering thoughtful, unconventional gifts

This year Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris celebrates Valentine’s Day with a chic, trendy and highly original concept of love. Chefs Simone Zanoni, Gabriele del Carlo and Michael Bartocetti have created an extravagant and glamorous experience to share the spirit of Italian art de vivre, love and generosity (all three have Italian roots). The trio is shaking up the Parisian scene by offering a series of experiences for couples to celebrate love in a unique, personalised way to the soulful rhythm of That’s Amore!

That’s Amore! a pop-up offering thoughtful, unconventional gifts

From February 12, 2021, Pastry Chef Michael Bartocetti and Gabriele del Carlo, renowned sommelier of Le George and named Best
Sommelier of Italy, will unveil a pop-up dedicated to celebrating love. Exuding Italian passion and a quirky atmosphere, the pop-up offers a range of sharing gifts curated by Bartocetti and Del Carlo, perfect to enjoy with one’s significant other over the course of the weekend.

Gabriele del Carlo will open the doors of Paris’s most beautiful wine cellar, taking guests on a guided journey of Italy’s vineyards through a selection of wines. From Piedmont to sunny Sicily, from Nebbiolos to Nero d’Avolas, the menu will feature some of Del Carlo’s favourite wines including renowned grands crus.

Sweet tooths will delight at Michael Bartocetti’s creations. Alongside amore di polenta, a delicious, soft Lombard speciality flavoured with lime zest, the Chef has created two new collections specially designed for Valentine’s Day: a Patisserie Collection and a Chocolate Flower Collection.

The Chocolate Flower Collection was created as a tribute to the majestic floral arrangements that have long embellished the Hotel. The milk chocolate version is composed of a flower adorned with a macadamia praline and Tahitian vanilla, while dark chocolate lovers can indulge in a pistachio praline with olive oil that decadently marries with the sharp freshness of zesty lime.

Finally, guests can treat loved ones to a wellness experience in the luxury spa or a gourmet meal at one of the Hotel’s Michelin-starred
restaurants by purchasing a gift card from the pop up.

@Pierre Marcolini Valentine’s Day Collection