Carbon fiber Ergon Nomos Chair by Synperia

Carbon fiber, an extremely lightweight material usually reserved for the aerospace and automotive industries, is making its way into the furniture world.

The Ergon Nomos chair by Los Angeles-based design studio Synperia was an outgrowth of the exploration of the potential of form and material strength afforded by carbon fiber.

The shape began as a trace of a persons back, in charcoal on a 6’ piece of butcher’s paper. The structural loads on the chair dictated the thickest section at the curve between the seat and the back, tapering to the thinnest possible section at the ends.

The form of the carbon fiber shell emerged as the resultant of these first principals.

The form of the base is a response to the geometry of the shell. The legs tracing the radii of the arcs with which they intersect.

Synperia is a Los Angeles-based design and fabrication studio founded by architects David Milner and Travis Frankel. Derived from synthesis and empirical, Synperia refers to the process of “synthesizing through empirical experimentation and observation”.