Refik Anadol unveils Serpenti – the first ever digital sculpture and AI-imagined fragrance done for a luxury house



Bvlgari celebrates Serpenti in sculpture artwork created using dynamic, three-dimensional AI data.

@Bvlgari Serpenti Metamorphosis

Italian luxury house Bvlgari continues the Serpenti Metamorphosis exhibition inaugurated during Milan Design Week, featuring a captivating installation by multimedia artist Refik Anadol, created using artificial intelligence. The digital sculpture – the fist ever done for a luxury house – is on display until October 31 at the Piazza Duomo in Milan before embarking on a world tour. Upon the completion of the tour it will be converted into a multisensorial and multidimensional NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and sold at an auction. Proceeds will be donated to a charity chosen by the Italian Maison and Refik Anadol.

The 3D sculpture celebrates the beauty of nature and the mythic Serpenti icon, the emblem of Bvlgari and the perfect symbol of metamorphosis. It was designed using algorithms to reproduce an image of nature generated by analyzing some 200 million pictures of nature and 160 million pictures of flowers, plus 120,000 images of snakes. Metamorphosis becomes both a source of inspiration and the creative method, since the machine is able to learn what a flower is – colors, patterns and shapes – and then conceive images of flowers that exist only in its digital memory, reconstituting them in a vibrant work of art. The installation proposes a striking aesthetic approach to the relationship between nature, art, technology and luxury.

@Bvlgari Serpenti Metamorphosis Launch Event


This approach was conceived by the mind of Refik Anadol. Born in Istanbul, the LA-based new media artist has won numerous awards for his innovative works.

Listen as he explains the concept behind ‘Serpenti Metamorfosi’ and how he turned data from our natural world into this three-dimensional and dynamic digital installation. In the future, Serpenti Metamorphosis artwork will become exclusive and unique in the digital world thanks to NFT (Non-fungible Token) technology.

To enrich this unique multi sensorial experience, Bvlgari Master Perfumer Sophie Labbe and fragrance creation firm Firmenich worked with Refik Anadol to create the first ever AI-imagined fragrance, “Rainforest Serpenti”. Thanks to Bvlgari’s expertise, the sculpture celebrates every dimension of nature, including its scent, awakening faculties of perception, sensation and smell.

This immersion into the Serpenti universe is completed by an exhibition of creations by the Roman Maison from the 1940s to the 1960s at the Bvlgari store in Milan until October 30, as well as the Bvlgari Serpenti Hub. This digital space dedicated to the Maison’s icon features exclusive content revealing the eternal metamorphosis that inspires Bvlgari creations.

@Bvlgari Serpenti Metamorphosis

@Bvlgari Serpenti Metamorphosis Installation at Milan Design Week 2021

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