Bulgari Magnifica High Jewelry overflows with ultra-rare gemstones

Bvlgari Magnifica Mediterranean Queen necklace; @Bvlgari

Bvlgari craftsmanship is in full bloom. Bulgari unveiled its Magnifica collection in Milan, a collection of new high jewelry secret watches and stunning necklaces and rings. The majestic line overflows with ultra-rare gemstones. The timepieces are unique pieces, with quartz movements.

With just one Paraiba gem found for every 10,000 diamonds, Bvlgari’s Magnifica collection is unafraid to present precious beauty on a disruptive scale.

The Master Jeweler flooded Milan with a rejuvenating wave of Roman creativity this June — unveiling its new Magnifica High Jewelry collection in Italy’s fashion capital. Alongside the collection’s breathtaking High Jewelry and High-End Watches, there were culinary delights from Niko Romito, and music conducted by Beatrice Venezi.

Bvlgari CEO, Jean-Christophe Babin and Bvlgari Jewelry Creative Director, Lucia Silvestri, welcomed a wealth of celebritytalent to witness the new Magnifica pieces, including Vittoria Ceretti, Ester Exposito, Chiara Ferragni, Lily Aldridge, Tina Kunakey and more.

Bvlgari Magnifica High Jewelry Imperial Spinel necklace; @Bvlgari

With a captivating palette of colors, the Magnifica High Jewelry Baroque Spiral necklace is dedicated to pioneering
Baroque artist, Artemisia Gentileschi. The Poet of Color unites the hues of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires to craft an opulent jewel-painting — the Baroque Spiral necklace. The coiling motif pays tribute to the artistic esthetic of Gentileschi’s era, in a High Jewelry creation that honors women who dare to dream.

The Mediterranean Queen necklace with the resplendent Paraiba Echoes ring are floating on a platinum wave of buff-top emeralds. The 473.82 kts of oval cushion-cut Paraiba tourmalines burst with an azure glow.

Bvlgari balances the striking shade of pink-fuchsia spinel with green emerald beads to create the dreamlike Magnifica Imperial Spinel necklace featuring a staggering 131.21 kts of rare, central gemstone.

@Bvlgari Magnifica – @Bulgari Magnifica Ruby Metamorphosis necklace

@Bvlgari Magnifica Ruby Metamorphosis Secret Watch

The Bvlgari Ruby Metamorphosis.

Bvlgari’s famed craftsmanship bows in service to the preciousness of the Ruby Metamorphosis necklace’s 12.02 kt central antique cushion ruby. The necklace and ring are a true celebration of the ruby as the most passionate of the Magnifica collection’s protagonists. An ingenious feat of jewelry ingenuity, the pendant, and tassel of this necklace can detach. The wearer then has the freedom to adorn themselves with a breathtaking brooch, choker, or sautoir. An ode to beauty and opulence shining through the 6.80 carats of the show stopping pigeon blood ruby, the beating heart of the magnificent Ruby Metamorphosis ring. The highest expression of skilled craftsmanship, the piece represents a long story of artistry all in one small precious piece.

Bvlgari Magnifica Ruby Metamorphosis and Bulgari Magnifica Celestial Sky High Jewelry Secret Watches; @Bvlgari

Bulgari Magnifica Celestial Sky

The Maison’s artisans turn a dreamlike design into Magnifica High Jewelry reality with the Sapphire Petal necklace.
Thanks to precise jewelry craft, Bulgari Magnifica Celestial Sky opulent necklace continually maintains the geometrical perfection of its flexible platinum petals.

Set with 192 buff-top sapphires and one majestic central Cornflower sapphire, Bvlgari demonstrates its mastery of this exquisite blue gemstone.

The harmonious balance between unique designs, bold volumes and uncompromising wearability makes the one-of-a-kind Magnifica creations so special. Each gem is intricately cut to fit the detailed setting of the jewel, specially conceived to combine ultimate comfort with everyday glamour and masterfully crafted to be light and supple like a second skin.

“Time is perhaps the most valuable resource that can never be replenished. MAGNIFICA masterpieces gracefully remind us of eternity and timeless values that are worthy of your precious minutes,” says Katerina Perez about Bvlgari’s latest creations. Read about Bvlgari’s new secret watches and the most expensive precious watch that Bulgari has ever produced.

Bulgari Baroque Spiral high jewelry necklace @Bvlgari