Bvlgari x Dom Pérignon launch ultra-limited champagne


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With only four cases crafted, the Bulgari Serpenti x Dom Pérignon Rosé limited edition is available exclusively on request in London, Milan and Tokyo. For this unique partnership with Dom Pérignon, the Roman jeweler created a
customized version of the Serpenti necklace, where pink gold is matched with white diamonds and onyx.

Bvlgari x Dom Pérignon: captivating collaboration for a limited edition.

Bvlgari and Dom Pérignon have fused their savoir-faire and creativity for an ultra-limited edition luxury case of champagne. The emblematic Bvlgari snake encircles a magnum of Dom Pérignon rosé champagne creating the most opulent bottle of limited-edition Champagne.

Italian and French savoir-faire come together thanks to the shared vision of Bvlgari Creative Director Lucia Silvestri and Dom Pérignon Chef de Cave Vincent Chaperon. The two Maisons share a strong cultural heritage that they continually renew with bold inspiration in their respective realms of jewelry and champagne.

Each of the very limited edition wooden cases opens to reveal a custom interior lined in saffron and fuchsia containing three magnums of Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2004, jealously protected by a Bvlgari Serpenti necklace. Designed by the Roman jeweler in the 1960s, the iconic Serpenti has since been revisited in myriad jewelry and leather goods creations. For this special edition, the necklace is crafted in pink gold with onyx and white diamonds and sensually wraps around a magnum of Dom Pérignon. For this exceptional occasion, the bottle itself is engraved with the snake scale motif and has a rose gold label that evokes both the hue of the Bvlgari Serpenti and the rosé robe of the champagne.

According to thedrinksbusiness, the limited edition collection is priced at €230,000.

“In stark contrast to the 2003 vintage, the vines experienced steady, problem-free vegetative growth, with abundant, sizable grape clusters in 2004.There were no weather extremes during most of the season – even the month of August was rather cool. It was the dry heat of the final weeks that made the vintage what it is. The harvest of the mature and healthy crop was resulted in the full-bodied wine, which was aged in the cellar for 12 years.” – added The Drinks Business.

Bvlgari and Dom Pérignon have reappropriated the tempting snake figure to transform it into an object of desire worthy of the extraordinary elixir it protects.

The vines yielded abundant and sizable grape clusters in 2004. Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2004 is the fruit of 12 years of slow and meticulously controlled elaboration in the cellars.

Rosé is a bold declaration of freedom for Dom Pérignon, seizing the red of the pinot noir grape in its original
radiance. The nose begins with fresh notes of red currants and wild strawberries, complemented by warm notes of ripe hay, blood orange and cocoa. On the palate, after a smooth and embracing attack an impression of precision dominates. The wine’s intense and penetrating integrity is prolonged with an unexpected hint of green citrus that marks the vintage.

@Bvlgari x @Dom Pérignon

@Bvlgari x @Dom Pérignon