Best Gadgets for Kids in Self-Isolation

A lot of us are spending time indoors. That means we get to spend more and more time with the family, which is a great thing. But, what happens when you want to work or concentrate on your favourite best online casino games and the kids are just not cooperating?

Well, you can get them a few board games and gadgets to keep them occupied while you work. In this article, we share those cool gadgets and games that you can buy for the kids to keep them entertained. Please note that you should order these gadgets online and have them delivered to your doorstep so that you prevent any contact. Social distancing is very important right now and so, adhere to it.


Monopoly Fortnite from Hasbro Gaming

You can buy this game from Argos and the game is aimed at kids who are older than 13 years old. You must note that this Monopoly game is a limited edition that was created for all those players who loved Fortnite, the video game. This game is played differently as your goal is not to get as many bank notes as you can. Instead, you will be playing for Health Points so that you can stay alive and avoid the Storm. What’s exciting is that you can join your kids as this game can be played by up to 7 players at once.

Apple K–12 Education;

Apple iPad

The great thing about iPads is that they have really huge displays. This means that your kids will enjoy top-class gaming. Not only that, they have so much memory, which allows you to load as many games as you want, as well as music, books, and movies for the kids.

What’s more? Well, you will find out that the battery literally lasts a lifetime, which keeps your kids entertained for longer. The Apple iPad is also compatible with online casino games (check out and you can enjoy the huge display as an adult.

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