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Baccarat Narcisse collection is an asymmetrical and distinctly avant-garde crystal creation embracing the quest for new shapes.

Baccarat The Narcisse collection 219

Baccarat The Narcisse collection 2o19;

In the image of the narcissus, whose flowers bend and lean towards water, the Baccarat Narcisse off-center glass bowl seems to bow. The perfect balance is obtained thanks to the talent of the manufactory’s artisans. A sculptor and furniture designer, Boris Tabacoff imagined the Narcisse set back in 1971. In gift-set of two glasses, the Narcisse glasses add a sublime touch to the most original dinner table.

The Baccarat Wine Therapy wine glasses set is your best ally for sharing moments with friends and enjoy a great party. The collection includes a glass for each personality. Wine Therapy is a selection of 6 iconic glasses from the House of Baccarat to taste fine wines and savor those precious moments each day. Whatever your personality there is a glass.

Baccarat The Narcisse collection -Champagne Coupe Photos

Baccarat The Narcisse collection -Champagne Coupe Photos – Baccarat The Narcisse collection 2o19;

Baccarat The Narcisse collection -Champagne Coupe

Baccarat The Narcisse collection -Champagne Coupe;

Baccarat Maison PHÉBÉ LAMP

Baccarat Maison PHÉBÉ LAMP;

Baccarat Maison

Dreamy light, geometric shapes and transparency pay homage to the Baccarat crystal tradition in the 2019 furniture collection designed by Arik Levy. The Phébé lampshades play on crystal’s modularity by offering a range of lighting solutions featuring the octagonal Rouge or Clear colour crystals set into the diffuser.

A fascinating, decorative spiral hand cut into the stem of the Phébé lamp gives it glamour and savoir-faire. The octagonal crystal provides an ironic flashback to Baccarat iconography.

The most noble and refined craftsmanship in the art of glassmaking is interpreted through the cross-section of a prism, which designs the profile of the Octogone line. Armchair, pouf and chaise longue draw their inspiration from the iconic pendant featuring a red ruby, the hallmark of Baccarat. The coffee table made of polished metal features an ultra-clear glass top, available in three sizes, set into the frame like a precious stone. The bed sports an octagon-shaped front reminiscent of a multi-faceted crystal, and a soft bed frame, which is tilted, like the headboard.

Baccarat Le Bar is a masterpiece that interprets the Baccarat world of glamour with its goblets, Martini and long drink glasses and Champagne saucers and flutes.



Baccarat Maison 2019

Baccarat Maison Collection 2019;

Baccarat The Narcisse collection-

Baccarat The Narcisse collection;