All About Prada’s Debut in Make-up and Skincare Powered by AI Tech

The fashion powerhouse has moved into the beauty world with a make-up and skincare line powered by AI tech and inspired by the fashion brand’s iconic fashion archive. Here’s everything you need to know about the launch. 

Powered by AI tech and inspired by their fashion archive, @Prada Beauty showcases a fusion of physical and digital artistry, creating an invitation for self-expression and empowerment.

The fashion world is abuzz with excitement as Prada, the iconic fashion powerhouse, makes its grand entry into the beauty industry. Introducing a revolutionary line of make-up and skincare products, Prada Beauty has seamlessly blended art, innovation, and technology to create a collection that reflects the brand’s signature aesthetic and commitment to excellence. Powered by AI tech and inspired by the fashion brand’s iconic archive, this debut beauty collection is set to redefine the beauty landscape. Prada Beauty is available online and launches at Selfridges London on 18 August, Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square on 21 August, Selfridges Birmingham on 10 September, and Selfridges Manchester Trafford on 17 September.

A Journey from Fashion Archives to Beauty Creation

Prada Beauty’s inception began in the hallowed halls of its fashion archives. Guided by Lynsey Alexander, Prada’s Global Creative Makeup Artist, the journey of creating this beauty line commenced three years ago. Immersed in over 27,000 textiles and patterns from past decades, Lynsey had access to a treasure trove of inspiration. Utilizing iconic prints, signature Saffiano leather, and nylon textures, the team crafted an exquisite array of eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks. The collection features six prints, ranging from geometric patterns to delicate William Morris flowers, each capturing the essence of Prada’s iconic fashion legacy.

A Fusion of Physical and Digital Artistry

Prada has always been at the forefront of innovation, and their beauty venture is no exception. The brand has enlisted artists who excel in both the physical and digital realms of beauty. Working alongside Lynsey is Ines Alpha, a 3D artist renowned for her avant-garde work in augmented reality and digital makeup. Ines holds the unique title of Prada’s Global Creative E-Makeup Artist, and her collaboration with Lynsey has pushed the boundaries of beauty. Combining physical and digital artistry, they have developed a range of exceptional makeup shades that embody self-expression and empower individuals to shape their identity.

Empowering Skincare with Smart Technology

Prada’s skincare line aims to support and renew the skin, equipping it to adapt to the demands of modern life. Smart Technology, a proprietary innovation, incorporates adaptogens – a rare family of plants that have thrived for over 400 million years, withstanding extreme conditions. Blended with skincare favorites like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and ceramides, the formulas nourish, revitalize, and strengthen the skin’s barrier function. The innovative foundation, incorporating IRL-micro-filter™ technology, diffuses light and imparts a soft-filter effect on the skin. Furthermore, AI tech has been utilized to create an algorithm of 3,000 different skin tones, offering 33 foundation shades for the most accurate color matching possible.

True to Prada’s fashion philosophy, their beauty collection encourages self-expression rather than following trends.

The lipsticks, expertly crafted to be matte, offer two unique finishes. The soft-matte finish, inspired by the iconic Re-Nylon fabric, delivers a luminous and diffused look. On the other hand, the hyper-matte finish mimics the richness of Prada’s Saffiano leather, offering an intense and opaque effect. The eyeshadow palettes are equally captivating, with three wearable shades complemented by one surprising pop of color, allowing for both versatility and statement-making looks.

Prada’s commitment to artful aesthetics extends to their responsible approach to sustainability.

The beauty products feature refined packaging, including leather-effect lipstick bullets embossed with the iconic Prada triangle logo. Moreover, the Augmented Skin Cream and Serum are presented in refillable packaging, reducing waste and environmental impact. The Prada Reveal Foundation, alongside the lipstick line and eyeshadow palettes, is also refillable, promoting sustainable beauty practices and mindful consumption.

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Lynser Alexander backstage; @Prada Beauty