A gentle reawakening with Midleton Very Rare Vintage Release 2021 and Midleton Silent Distillery Collection Chapter 2



Midleton is Ireland’s largest distillery and produces many well-known Whiskey brands: Jameson, Midleton, Powers, Redbreast, Writers Tears, The Irishman, Green Spot, Yellow Spot – the list is long. Created in 1984 by Master Distiller Emeritus Barry Crockett, Midleton Very Rare is the ultimate expression of his art and expertise. The “2021” edition is the 38th installment and the first release under Kevin O’​Gorman, appointed Master Distiller of the Midleton Distillery in 2020.

Midleton Very Rare Vintage Release 2021 by Midleton Very Rare; @midletonveryrare.com

Midleton Very Rare Vintage Release 2021

Heralding the 37th edition in Midleton Distillery world renowned and highly collectable range, in his final days as Master Distiller, Brian Nation continued the long-standing tradition of hand-selecting whiskeys reserved for this coveted annual expression from Midleton Distillery’s supreme inventory for the last.

Chosen from the most exceptional quality single pot still and single grain Irish whiskeys laid down over the past four decades in Midleton, Co Cork, Midleton Very Rare 2021 is aged from 13 to 35 years in lightly charred ex-bourbon American oak barrels.

Brian Nation selected a high pot still inclusion at 83%, as well as a notable contribution from third fill casks. The result is a luxurious and balanced whiskey with rich pot still connotations, where the distillate takes centre stage thanks to the use of refilled casks – a fitting legacy for one of Irish whiskey’s great Master Distillers.

Midleton Very Rare; @midletonveryrare.com

The 2021 Vintage Aroma – A delicate introduction of Sweet Mandarin Orange Citrus with Green Banana and Vanilla.

The light Herbal notes develop until the typical Pot Still Spices, including Cardamom, Nutmeg and Peppers, show the signature Midleton style. Whilst a touch of Cedarwood and Charred American Oak add to the complexity.

Taste: The smooth initial mouth coating is initially sweet with Vanilla and red Apple, before the more robust spices, Cinnamon and Clove with a slice of Root Ginger, show their presence. There is a polished Antique Wood contribution from the Barrels alongside some light Tannins and Charred Oak.

Finish: The finish is extra long as the spices subside giving way to Green Fruit and Stalks of Barley.

“A great whiskey is more than just a liquid. Its story is one of transformation of grains to complex liquid; it is also one which draws from history. The story is one of people: the craftsmen who create the whiskey which is enjoyed and shared around the world. It is a story of flavour. Midleton Very Rare can say all of this — and more.” – Dave Broom.

@Midleton Silent Distillery Collection Chapter 2

A gentle reawakening: €40,000 Midleton Silent Distillery Collection Chapter 2

Though silent since 1975, the legendary Old Midleton Distillery still has the power to surprise. Not with a shout, nor with a clamour or a commotion, but with a gentle reawakening. Because from some quiet corner something unique has emerged – a Single Pot Still whiskey aged over an unprecedented 46 years and capturing, in all its complexities, the traditional signature style of the Old Midleton originally curated by Max Crockett.

On its journey this precious liquid has passed through bourbon, sherry and port casks, before finally maturing in a third-fill bourbon cask. Its guardianship has passed too, from Master Distiller to Master Distiller, until finally Kevin O’ Gorman saw this truly unique Irish whiskey reach the peak of its perfection.

Like the whiskey itself, the decanter created especially for this once-in-a lifetime distillation is a work of art.

One by one they are mouth-blown and shaped before being cut and etched by the craftsmen at Ireland’s world renowned House of Waterford. No two decanters are the same, but they share an impeccable pedigree, with each one epitomising the skills, techniques and artistry that have made the Waterford name synonymous with Irish spirit and heritage since 1783.

Each precious bottle from the Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery collection is presented in a bespoke cabinet hand-made by John Galvin, an award-winning Irish designer and woodworker who was born in County Cork, just a few miles from Old Midleton Distillery.

@Midleton Silent Distillery Collection Chapter 2

Nose: The first Impression is a vibrant, fruity bouquet intertwined with a pleasing hint of exotic spices and soft sweetness. Decades of maturing in seasoned oak casks add a woody definition to the initial notes, while the fragrance of dark fruits and their zest effortlessly complement the delicate aromas of pot still spices, hazelnut and worn leather.

Taste: An assortment of berry fruits and mellow pot still spices slowly build in intensity, with each element enhancing the next. Subtle hints of anise and ginger weave amongst the unmistakably sweet characteristics of malt and oak. In the background, understated fruit flavours linger throughout. The delicate spice and fruit flavours gradually fade, leaving the oak to have the final say.

Midleton Silent Distillery Collection Chapter Two was released to 1825 Room members through an exclusive ballot system. Just three bottles of this rarity were available for €40,000 each. The second chapter in this unique series will also be available through specialist retailers on the Island of Ireland, USA, UK & China.

@Midleton Silent Distillery Collection Chapter 2