Osez le sabrage: sabre by ross lovegrove for G.H. mumm

Mastering the sabrage with graceMumm Champagne launched a new sabre with Ross Lovegrove .

GH.Mumm Champagne launched a new sabre and limited edition casing design by Ross Lovegrove. Engraved G.H. mumm and ross lovegrove signatures. The white polyurethane lacquered casket with a red capsule reveals a stainless steel sabre and a bottle of G.H.mumm chamapgne.

The ceremonial art sword is curved at the handle, where the line then straightens towards the tip. “The object responds to the bold, multi-sensorial and culturally-enriching sabrage act through a natural and highly personal attraction for ‘the cult of the object. The contrasting detail acts as a metaphor for an age marked by innovation and discovery, style and freedom of expression,’ said Ross Lovegrove about the elegant enclosure which seals the case with a pressure fit.