The world’s most efficient eVTOL is designed to travel non-stop for 800km+



Vertiia eVTOL by AMSL Aero;

The World’s Most Efficient eVTOL travels further using less energy.

This aircraft will allow passengers to be able to bypass traffic congestion, and travel at high speed by air from any
location with a landing pad. The unique structural and system design of Vertiia is well suited to both urban and
regional passenger and aeromedical transportation.

A product designed and built in Australia by AMSL Aero, a company founded and led by duo Andrew Moore and Siobhan Lyndon, Vertiia may become the most efficient air taxi. It is designed to travel non-stop for 800km+ using hydrogen.

The making of Vertiia fulfils Andrew’s and Siobhan’s vision to build a safe aircraft that will ease the burden of traffic
congestion on people’s lives, will provide greater choice over where people can work and live, and most
importantly help with the de-carbonisation of transport.

Andrew Moore is a qualified Aeronautical Engineer and pilot, and has worked in aerospace leadership roles for
over 20 years. Siobhan holds degrees in law and business and has over 20 years experience in the technology,
telecommunications and professional services sectors, with a decade at Google where she held senior leadership
roles across the globe.

AMSL Aero’s goal is to push the limits of urban mobility by developing an aircraft suiting for moving outside of the traffic.

The combination of AMSL Aero Vertiia’s unique aerodynamic and structural design means it travels further using
less energy. According to its Australian builder, Vertiia is the world’s most efficient electric Vertical Take Off and
Landing aircraft.

Taking off and landing like a helicopter, without the need for a runway, Vertiia provides a new form of transport that
will save precious time for its passengers.

Vertiia will cruise at 300km per hour, and will travel 250km powered purely by electric batteries before needing a

Initially piloted, and carrying 4 passengers, Vertiia has built-in autonomy, for future remote piloted applications.
Purpose built for the aeromedical and passenger markets, the new aircraft will provide a new mode of safe and
affordable transport.

Vertiia by AMSL Aero;