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Cosmoprof Asia beauty and cosmetics trade show, the leading beauty trade fair in Asia, presented the latest CosmoTrends report curated by renowned global beauty trend forecasting agency Beautystreams. The beauty products that made it to this online report were selected from exhibitors of Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week 2020 due to their unique innovations and features that are able to meet people’s skincare and beauty needs.


This year, six major beauty trends take centre stage.

They are: Self-Care Tech, Local Treasures, Hyper-Hygienic, Seal of Science, Nature’s Potions and Mask Friendly Beauty.

A.I Vibration Therapy by Waveon (South Korea); @Waveon

Self-Care Tech: This section is all about devices that contribute to the rise of DIY beauty.

With more time spent at home, consumers are indulging in, and mastering, beauty treatments enhanced by the
latest augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, including devices complemented by virtual
consultations and personalised data.

The A.I Vibration Therapy by Waveon (South Korea) features AI-enabled vibration massage with multi-functions,
including vibration, galvanic, cooling, heating, and LED therapy, to deliver moisture and nutrients deep into the skin.
Users can carry out their entire skin care routine with it, from cleansing to prepping the skin, reducing pore size and
preventing moisture loss.

Meanwhile, the AR Beauty Mirror Solution by Frontis (South Korea) allows consumers to consult for skin problems
and obtain recommendations on skincare products via skin analysis, AR and AI chatbot; while the Laser Hair
Growth Comb by Zhongshan Cenci Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (Mainland China) uses high frequency vibration
to massage the scalp and infrared light to promote hair growth.

@Waphyto Regena Toner by St. Louis International, Inc. (Japan)

Local Treasures features beauty ingredients and products unique to particular regions.

Local Beauty Treasures are bearing certifications attesting to their authenticity, in support of local economies and celebrating uniqueness globally.

Developed by an award-winning scientist, the Waphyto Regena Toner by St. Louis International, Inc. (Japan) is a
rich moisturising lotion made from five natural ingredients, namely mulberry, Japanese calendula, gotu kola,
mugwort and horsetail, grown in the Mikawa region in Central Japan. Meanwhile, the Luxom collection by OMECS
Cosmetic & Surgery (Italy) effectively revitalises and purifies the skin, thanks to its hero ingredient, the Sicilian
saffron flower.

Say hello to silky smooth hair with KH Bio Gentle Shampoo by SOCO (Italy) which contains pomegranate centrifugate rich in vitamins, polyphenols and antioxidants.

Physio Natura Perse – Breast Emulgel by PDT Cosmetici (Italy) is designed to improve breast tone and volume
with a formula that contains hexapeptide-38, cyclodextrins, and African Kigella extract which protects capillaries,
improves microcirculation and prevents skin sagging.

@Sanitizing Hand Cream by Farmaceutici Dott. Ciccarelli (Italy)

Hygiene – The next level

This year, brands are taking hygiene to the next level of sophistication through innovative products that do more
than simply banishing germs. They include self-cleaning packaging and multitasking products such as gels, mists,
lotions and nail polish that nourish the skin while guarding against germs.

The UVC Disinfection Case by Belle Cosmic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong SAR) is a portable, UV disinfecting case that kills 99 percent of bacteria, viruses, and mold on items that are placed inside it. The case provides an ideal way to sterilize objects while travelling as no chemicals, liquid or heat are needed.

On the other hand, the Sanitizing Hand Cream by Farmaceutici Dott. Ciccarelli (Italy) prevents skin dryness, redness and chapping due to frequent use of alcohol-based products by nourishing and protecting the skin barrier. The product contains tea tree oil which is known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

The Wellfare Hand Serum Moisturizing & Sanitizing by Universal Beauty Products (Italy) is a hand serum that \ nourishes the skin while delivering purifying and sanitizing benefits. Thanks to Active Oxygen in its formula, the serum is as potent as a hand gel that delivers 70 percent alcohol.

Homethera by Attibe Beauty Co., Ltd (South Korea)

Seal of Science

New discoveries and advancement in science has made possible the creation of novel skincare and cosmetic products with enhanced absorption, efficacy and safety, as well as multiple functions.

For example, the Lyophilized Double Effect Eye Mask by Changzhou Weibo Hi-Tech Biotechnology Co., Ltd
(Mainland China) is created using the isol® cream freeze-drying technology which promotes transdermal
absorption and potency of ingredients.

Meanwhile, the W.Skin Laboratory A.M. (Anti-Melasma) Cream by J&J Company (South Korea) is a clinically
tested multi-cream that addresses freckles, wrinkles, pigment, skin tone, and dark circles. The product has
undergone 10 different clinical testing and contains EWG green level ingredients.

Face-lifting device Homethera by Attibe Beauty Co., Ltd (South Korea) features high-intensity focused ultrasound
technology that promotes skin regeneration through stimulating collagen and elastin production, enabling
professional face treatments to be experienced at home.

@ ION Intensive Reducer Set by 01Skin Digital (Spain)



Powerhouse ingredients from nature

Powerhouse skincare ingredients from nature are satisfying the demand for efficacious, environmentally friendly, plant-based beauty formulas that protect health and boost immunity.

For instance, GREEN For Skin by FLOSLEK Cosmetic Laboratory (Poland) is a line of eco-friendly cosmetics with
replaceable refills that are 100 percent recyclable. This vegan skincare line contains a variety of vegetables
including parsley extract, cucumber extract, celery seed extract and pea extract to provide deep hydration to the
skin and render it naturally beautiful.

The ION Intensive Reducer Set by 01Skin Digital (Spain) features iontophoresis technology patches that are
patented worldwide, and a nutricosmetic shot containing natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Centella
Asiatica, green coffee and horsetail. The iontophoresis technology enables the ingredients to penetrate into the
deepest layers of the skin where fat is localized. Clinical studies demonstrate that cellulite can be reduced by 80
percent over the course of two months.

Skincare gems under this section are the Superfood For Skin Pink Vera Soothing Cream by Farmskin Inc. (South
Korea), which moisturises, and soothes irritated skin; Truly Nourishing Ginseng With Honey by Back At One (South
Korea), which helps to restore skin radiance and clarity; Anti-Age Elixir Restorative Night Serum Bakuchiol &
Avocado by (Poland), which accelerates skin repair and increases skin firmness; and The Youth Lift
Express Mask by Pollen Botanicals (Australia), which lifts the skin and smoothes out fine lines in only 10 minutes
thanks to its content of hyaluronic acid, bentonite clay and organic herbal extracts.

The Art Complexion No Transfer Wet Compact Foundation by B.Kolormakeup & Skincare S.p.a SB – @Benefit Corporation (Italy)

Mask Friendly Beauty

The use of face masks has dramatically impacted beauty routines. Transfer-resistant colour cosmetics and specially formulated skin care products that address mask irritation are being developed.

The Art Complexion No Transfer Wet Compact Foundation by B.Kolormakeup & Skincare S.p.a SB – Benefit
Corporation (Italy), is a new-generation hybrid powder made with a clean, vegan formulation that achieves zero
transfer when used wet, while providing optimal adhesion, lightness and long-lastingness. Its hybrid technology
delivers a bouncy consistency and velvety touch to the skin.

Enriched with hyaluronic acid microspheres, Art Cosmetics (Italy)’s Lady Vain No-Transfer LS is a long-lasting and
no-transfer blurring matte lipstick that creates a soft focus and a faded make-up effect. An external lab test showed
that the product does not fade or release its colours on masks.