WhistlePig fits very well with the Moët Hennessy’s portfolio of luxury wines and spirits




Moët Hennessy x WhistlePig enters a partnership. LVMH’s division of luxury wines and luxury spirits acquired a minority stake in WhistlePig Rye Whisky.

Moët Hennessy, the world leader in luxury wines and luxury spirits, announced a partnership to exclusively bring WhistlePig, the #1 distiller in the ultra-premium and luxury rye whiskey category in North America, to consumers in selected markets in Europe and Asia. In addition, as part of this partnership, Moët Hennessy acquired a minority stake in WhistlePig.

Founded in 2007, WhistlePig has become one of the #1 distillers in the fast growing, “ultra-premium and luxury rye category”, featuring the bold and often untapped flavor of Rye. WhistlePig is leading a surge of innovation in the emerging field of North American whiskey. Having received the coveted ‘Best in Show Whiskey’ title from the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, WhistlePig is widely viewed as one of the world’s finest Rye. With the opening of its distillery on its 500-acre Vermont farm in the fall of 2015, WhistlePig has also become one of the leading farm-to-bottle Rye whiskeys in the world.

“The arrangement with Moët Hennessy marks a significant moment for WhistlePig,” says Jeff Kozak, CEO, of WhistlePig. “We could not be more pleased to align our brand with the leader in luxury wines and spirits. We are excited about the future collaboration with Moët Hennessy’s team in the international market.”

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“We have long admired LVMH as a builder of amazing brands and products, and we have learned a lot from Moët Hennessy over the years” says Wilco Faessen, co-founder of WhistlePig. “There is a great portfolio fit, and, critically, our cultures are very much aligned in terms of patiently building our brands and business over time, with a focus on quality and a differentiated experience for our consumers and our customers. Formalizing this through an investment in the company plus a comprehensive route to market partnership internationally is another critical milestone in our journey.”

“We are convinced that WhistlePig fits very well with the rest of Moët Hennessy’s portfolio. This high quality and top-rated whiskey brand has done a remarkable job distinguishing itself among the emblematic and iconic craft distilleries in the United States with an ultra-premium standing in terms of identity, quality and price positioning,” says Philippe Schaus, President & CEO of Moët Hennessy. “We look forward to launch WhistlePig in various markets in Europe and Asia early next year. It is an exciting opportunity for our team to bring the WhistlePig brand and product portfolio to many of our most valued customers.”

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@WhistlePig Farm