Which shirt are you? Thomas Pink sharing shirt tales



Which shirt are you (#WSAY)? The Classic Fit, Slim Fit or the Super Slim Fit? The famed London shirt maker Thomas Pink (founded in 1984) asked the question with a series of short films about the three different fits celebrating the “art of the shirt”.

A group of remarkable men shared their stories with the digital community. The short films feature hip hop musician Clement Marfo, entrepreneur Charles Morgan, of Morgan Motor Company and London artists Bompas&Parr, men from different environments, bound together by their love for shirts. Each one is definitely a different fit.

“We wanted to celebrate the shirt – a simple item, but one which is both a uniform and an everyday armour. It is the cornerstone of most wardrobes and is routinely worn by as diverse a selection of individuals as one could imagine – from schoolchildren to presidents, the world over,” said Thomas Pink Creative Director Florence Torrens.

Thomas Pink also launched an Athletic shirt, shaped for broad shoulders and a narrow waist and made with super fine two-fold cotton with added stretch.

Thomas Pink enthusiasts are invited to participate to a true tribute to diversity and to share their own shirt tales and images by using #WSAY hashtags on the brand’s social media channels.