What married couples-to-be can expect for the year ahead. The wedding trends to look out for in 2019-2020


Practical dresses, colorful weddings, eco-friendly ceremonies could soon be ‘the thing” for the brides of 2019. Sustainability is moving into the wedding industry. The brides-to-be are thinking more about Earth while planning their big day. The experts expect a rise in zero waste weddings, featuring flowers that can be replanted, organic menus and nuptials entirely free from plastic. Asking for gifts is replaced with charitable donations.

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Vera Wang wedding dresses 2018; photo: www.verawang.com

Take a look at some 2019 trends that will inspire even the most unenthusiastic of brides.

Eco-friendly ceremonies/ ‘Conscious’ ceremonies with minimal plastic 

Zero waste weddings are becoming more and more popular. A green wedding can start by choosing an eco-friendly location. Ceremony flowers can be recycled into little bouquets to be delivered to guests rooms alongside a thank you postcard or you can give your guests a kit to plant trees. The eco-conscious bride will use 100% organic beauty look and will opt for organic makeup. The couple’s green expectations will be met with in-season flowers from the local area, ultra-chic bohemian decorations, a natural theme potted flowers and plants. Here are some wedding planners’ tips for a party that treats the earth like a special guest.

Tuning Out + Wedding Stress Relievers

Plan your meetings and your great entry into the land of “I do” in a relaxed environment. Take a step back and pamper yourself. A beauty sleep, movie, cleaning the clutter, a spa treatment, a treat with a rivers casino bonus code, or a book can be an hyper transport to relaxation. An eye-watering laughter is proven to be the best escape in your journey to finding your equilibrium.


Practical dresses and major sleeves

Wedding dresses are changing at a quite pace. Impressive gowns, princess skirts, and long veils are always in demand. More and more brides turn towards sustainable wedding dresses made from eco-friendly and recycled materials. As comfortable as they are minimalist, some of these dresses can be worn through every key moment of the wedding and after the event.

But there are plenty of surprises in the 2019 collections, says vogue. “Designers introduced playful new feathered embellishments, and since royal weddings tend to influence the bridal market—we’re still seeing long-sleeved lace gowns like the one Kate Middleton wore in 2011—there were a few nods to Meghan Markle’s sculptural, minimalist Givenchy gown, too.”

On the other part of the spectrum, brides of 2019 will be wearing gowns with lace sleeves. According to theindependent, the brides will also seek out trains that aren’t too long, so as to provide seamless day-to-night transitions. Speaking of practicality, here are some wedding dates to avoid in 2019 and 2020.

Technology for weddings

Drone taking memorable snaps of the big day from a great height are becoming a norm. All the advanced technologies will be implemented in the wedding sphere to capture the experience on video. The apps like the Bridebookpromise to the the easiest way to plan a wedding. You can feel so much more relaxed about the event. The app is built to be used so you can both simultaneously plan your wedding on the go. The apps provide planning tools, supplier directory, ideas & inspiration, and a wedding gift list. The personalised budget, checklist, venue and supplier search, and guestlist, are all in one place.

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photo: pierre herme paris;

Food & Drink: simple tasty food

Fancy ice, dessert rooms, and simple tasty food are on trend. Ice sculptures are replaced with floral and fruit ice cubes, while the big cake is re-imagined in a number of dessert options for guests to choose from. Many weddings in 2019 will also have snacking displays with something for everyone. Many couples are ditching traditional wedding buffets for more memorable options, suggests thisisinsider. “Popular examples of interactive food stations include tea bars, guacamole bars, and popcorn bars.”

Engagement Mini-Holidays before the wedding

Opting for engagement moons instead of traditional honeymoons has a series of undisputed advantages, including financial ones. Plan a trip sooner to relieve stress and to save money. Greece, Lake Como, and Croatia are proven to be very inspirational.
Seeing and experiencing different wedding aspects in person can make a huge difference in the choice of your suppliers. A visit to a major bridal show ca bring a supplementary dose of inspiration.

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