Internationally-renowned women artists propose a contemporary interpretation of the mythic Miss Dior


Staying true to the couturier’s passion for art and women, which never ceased to inspire his creativity, the House of Dior has brought twelve women from theinternational art scene together for an exceptional carte blanche exhibition, inviting them to express their vision of the iconic Miss Dior bottle, its spirit and its emblematic design codes.


Christian Dior celebrates iconic Miss Dior perfume at Château de la Colle Noire.

Christian Dior designed this peaceful haven nestled in the Provençal hills as a work of art in itself, graced by a thousand jasmine and may rose flowers, inspiring the legendary Miss Dior perfume. “Miss Dior was born,” the couturier once said, “of those evenings in Provence, alive with fireflies, where young jasmine plays a descant to the melody of the night and the land.”

An ode to love and beauty, Miss Dior embodies the aesthete designer’s vision as he conceived the New Look silhouette in the 1950s. He dreamed, he said, of“seeing all the gowns appear one by one from the bottle, dressing women in a trail of desire.” The ardent green chypre floral accord he created heightens the sensuality and essence of femininity. Before it became a signature scent, the delicate fragrance was first an homage to the couturier’s sister, Catherine Dior, a discreet woman who led an exceptional life.

Parfums Christian Dior celebrates the passion the designer and founder of the French luxury Maison had for art and women in the new Miss Dior exhibition, which debuted on October 15 at the Château de la Colle Noire, near Grasse. Twelve famous women artists reveal theri interpretation of the legendary Miss Dior perfume.

The exhibition continues the intimate dialogue Christian Dior always had with art, culture and women, who he strived to make more beautiful and happier with his creations. The Château de la Colle Noire and its gardens – a serene rural retreat for the designer, far from the bustling frenzy of Paris – now welcome carte blanche pieces by twelve women artists. Visitors can admire the work of Ingrid Donat, Sabine Marcelis, Hua Wang, Mimosa Echard, Bianca Beck, Marcella Barceló, Pia Maria Raeder, Morgane Tschiember, Bethan Laura Wood, Anya Kielar, Daishi Luo and Haruka Kojin.

French artist Ingrid Donat created a frosted glass bottle encased by a bronze shell, like a delicate object protected by a shield. This piece speaks about a woman in all her strength and fragility. It is a tribute to Catherine Dior, the inspiration behind the Miss Dior fragrance and who, in her opinion, embodies strength, courage and delicateness.

German sculptor Pia Maria Raeder seeks to translate her admiration and abstract interpretation of nature in her work. She pays tribute to Christian Dior who was also very much inspired by nature. She celebrates the beauty you can find on the ocean floor with a sculpture representing the famous “New Look” silhouette.

Chinese artist Daishi Luo played with apparent contradictions with this piece – the softness of the pink-colored metal and the houndstooth pattern which looks like a mechanical pixel grid. She wanted to convey that Miss Dior is both soft and powerful.

For her sculpture, Spanish artist Marcella Barceló imagined that the Miss Dior fragrance had come to life and turned into incense and flowers, from which a young girl springs up, in reference to Alice In Wonderland.

Maison Christian Dior also continues to promote the empowerment of women by supporting the youth education initiative led by Charlize Theron. The videos #diorstandwithwomen and #diorchinup feature interviews with passionate and influential women and their accomplishments in the face of hard challenges.

Artist @Daishi Luo for Miss Dior 2021; photos


Pia Maria Raeder for Miss Dior 2021; photos

Artist @marcella.barcelo for Miss Dior 2021; photos