Top Luxury Hobbies to Try

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There really is no limit to the amount of excitement and thrill you can feel if you’re able to spend an abundance of money. If you have been looking for some luxury hobbies that can give you access to awe-inspiring experiences, you’re at the right place. In this post, we compiled a list of some of the most luxurious hobbies across the planet.

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1) Wine Tasting

Like every hobby on this list, wine tasting rewards users with a socially rich experience. Tasting can wines in the presence of loved ones, can prove to be ideal when it comes to learning about different flavors and styles while communicating with family and friends. Additionally, over time, wine tasting will improve your wine knowledge which leads to increased confidence when it comes to buying wine in general.

2) Yachting

You don’t have to resort to going on a crowded cruise ship if you can afford to rent or purchase a yacht. Yachting is regarded as being one of the most premium luxury hobbies one can partake in. This is due to the fact that larger boats typically require the services of an experienced captain and crew. According to statistics that were gathered by TheRichest, renting a yacht can cost you approximately $5,000 per day. And, according to statistics that were gathered by Forbes, a 160-foot yacht goes for as much as $45 million.


3) Polo

Polo has been long known to be a hobby that’s typically adored by the royals. Therefore it should come as no surprise that it’s a very expensive and luxurious hobby. For instance, getting a membership at the Detroit Polo Club costs approximately $3,000 per year alone. In addition to that, you have to purchase the accessories that are needed for this activity and a horse as well. Horses can go for as much as $250,000 according to a report that was published by the Boston Globe.

4) Collecting Exotic Animals

Collecting exotic animals is reserved for millionaires. Getting something like a cheetah cub can cost anywhere from $12,000 – $22,000, while a full-grown tiger can cost as much as $50,000. In addition to this, individuals who own large exotic animals, tend to spend as much as $90,000 to construct a facility for them to live in, as well as to spend over $10,000 per year caring for the animal.

5) Horse Racing

Going to a horse racing track and making a bet, isn’t something that will break the bank. But if you intend on training, breeding, and racing with your own horses in big competitions, that can cost a significant amount of money. According to the Jockey Club, a recognized organization on horse breeding and racing, the average price for a racehorse was over $70,000. The expenses associated with this hobby are furthermore increased by things such as housing, grooming, and food. Additionally, training bills on a high-level track can cost as much as $30,000 – $50,000 per year. It’s also worth noting that entry fees are also nothing to balk at, as the entry fee for various derbies can be as high as $70,000 per season.

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6) Golfing

Any individual can set up their own golf course in their backyard. However, the elite tend to golf at some of the best courses in the country. It goes without saying that they don’t mind spending an abundance of cash to get the privilege of playing at a well-known venue. The thing that makes golfing so luxurious and prestigious is the joining fee entrants have to pay. For instance, the joining fee for the Trump National Golf Club is $40,000.

7) Skiing

Skiing is one of the more affordable luxury hobbies on this list. However, the prices associated with skiing are nothing to laugh at. Purchasing the necessary equipment will cost you a minimum of $1,000. In addition to that, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 – $400 per day to get access to a skiing resort.

8) Skydiving

Skydiving is an expensive hobby that is not for the faint of heart. Based on the fact that it consists of jumping from a plane that is thousands of feet in the air, it requires a decent amount of courage. Many skydivers have proclaimed that it provides them with a rush of adrenaline that’s unlike any other thing they’ve ever experienced. Jumping sessions can cost anywhere from a few hundred or thousand dollars per session.

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