Concorso Italiano returns for the famous Monterey Car Week



Saturday August 14th 2021 is the date confirmed for the 36th edition of Concorso Italiano. An important signal for the Italian classic car field that once again will be the protagonist of Monterey Car Week, the largest international car show.

Concorso Italiano will be there, the date is confirmed. Saturday August 14th 2021 the tricolor appointment on the green of the Bayonet and Black Horse Golf Course in Seaside, California, returns for the famous Monterey Car Week. A journey along 35 editions based on the Italian passion and elegance, where old and prestigious super cars meet, an event dedicated to the world of cars of our country that have made the history. An Italian event for an international audience where the value of passion makes its way among the nearly 1,000 cars shown, during which lovers of the Italian automotive culture can exhibit and appreciate magnificent works of art on four and two wheels. Concorso Italiano is not just an event but also an occasion in which the largest car companies come together to meet and authentically tell the passion that connect all motor enthusiasts. The knowledge of the car history of those who participate and attend the classic car event is unique as the spirit of friendship and community that is created among the visitors (10,000 in the 2019 edition, the last in presence before the virtual one in 2020) lovers of cars and Made in Italy excellence.

In the last years the most famous Italian brands have walked down on the catwalk of Concorso Italiano: Lancia, Iso / Bizzarrini, Fiat, Abarth, DeTomaso, Maserati, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari; as well as the important anniversaries celebrated: the 50th anniversary of Iso Rivolta Lele, the 60th of DeTomaso, the 50th of the Ferrari Dino and the 70th anniversary of Abarth.

Important guests have recently been in Concorso Italiano spotlight: Valentino Balboni, the historical test driver of Lamborghini; Mario Carlo Baccaglini, the Italian entrepreneur who for over 30 years has been organizing the most important event for historic cars in Italy, “Auto e Moto D’Epoca”; Filippo Perini Head of Design of Italdesign; Horacio Pagani founder and owner of Pagani Automobili; Stefano Domenicali as Chairman and CEO of Lamborghini; Mitja Borkert Director of the Lamborghini Style Center; Egidio Reali CEO and founder of MR Collection Models; Louis de Fabribeckers Head of Design of Touring Superleggera; Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola, founders of Studiotorino and Ralph Debbas, entrepreneur and designer and CEO of W Motors.

“We look forward to normal life, and to be able to enjoy our automotive hobbies with all of our friends. We’ve learned much about how precious life is and how special our friends and family are. This year’s Concorso Italiano will be a very distinct celebration simply because we can once again see our friends, and immerse ourselves with the joy of Italian automobiles. Forza, Italia.” – Tom Mc Dowell, Chairman of Concorso Italiano.

The previews of the 2021 edition:

Alfa Romeo, one of the most faithful luxury brands ever in Concorso Italiano, with the participation of Sports Car Market will celebrate the Giulietta Sprint and its historic 2000 and 2600 models and the Montreal born in the 1970s.

Concorso Italiano will be the stage to commemorate the anniversaries of some milestones of Italian car design: the 31st anniversary of the Lamborghini Diablo and the 50th of the Lamborghini Countach, the 50th of the Maserati Bora, the 100th of Lancia Lambda and, finally, the 50th anniversary of the DeTomaso Pantera.

Alexander Klatt, CCO of Automobili Estrema and designer of the new full-electric hypercar “Fulminea”, this year will associate his name with the one of Concorso Italiano, designing the Best in Show Award 2021. The award designed by the visionary and talented world-class designer is an absolute tribute to the nation that most represents car design in the world, Italy. The award will be created by MR Collection Models of Egidio Reali, historical partner of the event. Egidio Reali builds models of cars, the best ones in the world and MR Collection is a company which has established itself as a worldwide leader, becoming the official supplier of the most prestigious brands in the universe of motoring.

The Valentino Balboni Award, will be created by the Italian artist Gabriele Baracco. His work is the result of the 2020 lockdown months, when Gabriele, in solitude in his apartment in Carpi (Modena), began to paint at the mercy of a creative delirium, through which body and soul gave vent to his artistic vein. Lover of nature and animals, horses in particular, he founds the basis of his art on his passion that we find in the works painted in the long months of pandemic isolation: Bucephalus, horses, hawks, ladybugs, up to the famous symbol of Automobili Lamborghini: the bull. The idea of ​​the Valentino Balboni Award 2021 was inspired by the combination of the passion for horse racing, which led Gabriele Baracco to love super cars, and that for the bullfighting tradition. Baracco’s work is called “El Toro Gallardo” and is kept inside a box specially made by the fine furniture craftsman Lorenzo Tondelli, also from Carpi.