Top 10 wealthiest Latin Americans

Mexican Billionaires Beat Brazilians In Wealth: Wealth-X Unveils Top 10 Wealthiest Latin Americans List


With a net worth of US$78.9 billion, Carlos Slim remains at the top of the list of the Wealthiest Latin Americans. Coming in second is Jorge Lemann, co-founder of 3G Capital, with a net worth of US$19.2 billion. Alberto Bailleres Gonzalez , owner of Grupo Bal, is ranked third with a net worth of US$19.1 billion, according to Top 10 Wealthiest Latin Americans List released by Wealth-X, a global provider of detailed intelligence on ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals worldwide. The collective net worth of the top 10 wealthiest Latin Americans is US$196.7 billion, of which Mexican billionaires hold 53.3%.

Top 10 Wealthiest Latin Americans List:

1. Carlos Slim – Founder Grupo Carso – Net Worth (US$ billion) 78.9 – Country: Mexico
2. Jorge Lemann – Co-Founder 3G Capital – Net Worth (US$ billion) 19.2 – Brazil
3. Alberto Bailleres Gonzalez – Owner Grupo Bal – Net Worth (US$ billion) 19.1 – Mexico
4. Luis Carlos Sarmiento – Chairman – Grupo Aval Acciones y Valores – Net Worth (US$ billion) 16.7 – Colombia
5. Eike Batista – Chairman EBX – Net Worth (US$ billion) 14.7 – Brazil
6. Dirce Camargo – Owner Camargo Correa – Net Worth (US$ billion) 14.1 – Brazil
7. Joseph Safra – Chairman Safra Group – Net Worth (US$ billion) 11.6 – Brazil
8. Marcel Telles – Co-Founder 3G Capital – Net Worth (US$ billion) 8.4 – Brazil
9. Carlos Alberto Sicupira – Co-Founder 3G Capital – Net Worth (US$ billion) 7.2 – Brazil
10. Ricardo Salinas Pliego – Chairman Grupo Salinas – Net Worth (US$ billion) 6.8 – Mexico.
Despite the wealth dominance of Mexican billionaires, they lag Brazil in UHNW population numbers. Brazilian billionaires represent 60% of the UHNW individuals (UHNWIs) on the list compared to Mexican UHNWIs who comprise 30%.

“While most valuations of Latin American wealth are based on family holdings, this list captures the wealth of individuals, resulting in the absence of famous names. For example, Iris Fontbona, a noted UHNWI in Chile, failed to make the list,” said Wealth-X CEO, Mykolas D. Rambus.

“We expect to see exponential growth in intergenerational wealth transfers in Latin America as ageing UHNWIs and a tradition of close family connections shape wealth trends in the region,” added Rambus.