Top 10 bestselling whisky and top selling spirits and liquors in the world


With a record breaking mix of 180 international and domestic spirits brands, the annual industry report by Drinks International and Euromonitor called “The Millionaire’s Club” has come out with the top branded spirits and liquors in the world. Now in its fifth year, the Drinks International Millionaires Club reviews top spirits brands globally with sales of 9-liter cases in 2011 reaching a million or more.

“Companies with an international presence and a strong focus on emerging markets continue to secure growth,” says Jeremy Cunnington, Alcoholic Drinks Senior Company Analyst at Euromonitor International. “This does not mean, however, that domestic or local brands in emerging markets are not performing,” he adds.

The report also indicates there is a growing premiumisation trend that is further seen in emerging markets through the strong growth of more premium international spirits brands and categories, such as vodka and blended Scotch, at the expense of cheaper local brands.

“While emerging markets do offer international spirits brands significant opportunities for growth; their owners should not ignore their mature core markets,” Cunnington adds.

There are signs of polarisation, particularly in mature Western markets, where premiumisation is also evident thanks to the strong performance of super-premium vodkas, with Diageo’s Ciroc and Nolet’s Ketel One achieving double-digit growth.

“Not only do emerging markets account for the majority of the brands’ volumes, revenues and profits, they also offer various opportunities for growth in different price segments” says Cunnington. “Despite continued tough economic conditions in various markets and an uncertain global outlook, spirits producers have much to be positive about in 2012 and beyond.”


Here are the world’s top spirit and liquor brands, from 2011 (number of cases):

1. Jinro Soju (61.38 million)
2. Smirnoff Vodka (24.7 million)
3. Lotte Liquor Soju (23.9 million)
4. Emperador Brandy (20.1 million)
5. Bacardi Rum (19.6 million)
6. Tanduay Rum (18.7 million)
7. Pirassununga Cachaça (18.6 million)
8. Johnnie Walker Whiskey-scotch (18 million)
9. Officer’s Choice Whisky-Indian (16.5 million)
10. McDowell’s No. 1 Whisky-Indian (16.1 million)
Top 10 bestselling whisky brands by volume sales of 9-liter cases:

1. Johnnie Walker, Diageo, Category: Scotch (18 million)
2. Officer’s Choice, Allied Blenders & Distillers, Category: Indian (16.5 million)
3. McDowell’s No.1, United Spirits, Category: Indian (16.1 million)
4. Bagpiper, United Spirits, Category: Indian (16 million)
5. Royal Stag, Pernod Ricard, Category: Indian (12.5 million)
6. Old Tavern, United Spirits, Category: Indian (11.1 million)
7. Original Choice, John Distilleries, Category: Indian (10.8 million)
8. Jack Daniel’s, Brown-Forman, Category: US-Tennessee (10.6 million)
9. Imperial Blue, Pernod Ricard, Category: Indian (7.2 million)
10. Ballantine’s, Pernod Ricard, Category: Scotch (6.5 million)