Ferrari Golf with Poltrana Frau and Cobra Puma Golf

Ferrari partnered with Cobra Puma Golf for a luxury line of golf equipment, footwear, apparel and accessories. The luxury bags are made from Poltrana Frau leather.

“We had an opportunity to work directly with Ferrari engineers,” said Tom Preece, vice president of research and development at Cobra Puma Golf. “They had suggestions on material usuage and they thought they could improve the aerodynamics.”

“Working with the Ferrari aerodynamic team was an excellent experience. Their expertise helped us think differently about the design of the club head, resulting in a superior driver that delivers serious speed and distance gains,” says Tom Preece, Vice President of COBRA Club Research and Development. “This was an exciting project because my team got to work directly with Ferrari engineers, who are experts in their field of aerodynamics and materials usage. And together we created a driver that will increase club head speed and provide superior distance for golfers of all abilities.”

The driver combines COBRA’s proprietary E9 Face Technology™ with superior aerodynamics derived from Ferrari experts, resulting in a driver with faster club head speed and greater distance gains.The resulting driver features a unique, super strong titanium alloy face combined with an ultra light weight titanium alloy chassis with carbon fiber in the crown and sole. These materials combined with the aerodynamic head design, internal tungsten weighting, Fujikura Motore Speeder shaft and genuine leather grip make the Ferrari Golf Collection Driver a top quality club that delivers superior performance.

Ferrari Golf Shoes are one of the finest golf shoes on the planet. The shoes are crafted in Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Just a few miles from Italy’s Adriatic.

“This area of Italy is the epicenter of legendary, high-quality Italian shoes; and Cappelletti is a real standout,” added Ryan Sax, Sr. Global Product Line Manager of Footwear at PUMA. “What they do is amazing. They truly understand how to make the most comfortable, stylish, highest quality footwear possible. They’ve worked with us to create the most exclusive golf shoe available. They know that consumers expect nothing less from a product that carries the Ferrari name.”