The ultimate luxury Australian bush experience comes with The Wolgan Necklace and Valley reflectations


A truly exceptional piece of jewellery and a truly spectacular resort are rare things.


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The picturesque Australian bush offers some of the most rugged and dramatic landscapes on earth — and at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley, guests can take it all in from the unrivaled comfort of a true luxury resort.

This January, Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley resort unveiled ‘Valley Reflections’, an inspiring exhibition featuring a collection of 19
large-scale sculptures, curated by internationally renowned sculptor, Selina Hitches.

Set on a 7,000-acre reserve that seamlessly blend wildlife, natural beauty, conservation and Australian heritage, its 40 individual suites offer private decks and indoor/outdoor pools, as well as distinctive dining experiences, signature treatments at the Timeless Spa, and a comprehensive range of exhilarating activities that allow you to explore all that Wolgan Valley has to offer.

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley- jeweller Fairfax & Roberts has partnered with the ultra-luxury resort to create the spectacular Wolgan Necklace


Inspired by the unspoilt wilderness of Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley, jeweller Fairfax & Roberts has partnered with the ultra-luxury resort to create the spectacular Wolgan Necklace.

The history and cultural heritage of Wolgan Valley is told through two, very different, perspectives. Firstly, by the indigenous Australian people and most recently with two centuries of colonial settlers. Indigenous Australians inhabited the valley for thousands of years and the name Wolgan comes from a local Aboriginal word “wolga” – a vine known as old man’s beard.

With its awe-inspiring beauty, bountiful foliage, tumbling waterfalls and millennia of history, the majestic natural surroundings of Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley provided the ideal inspiration to create an exceptional piece of luxury jewellery. Fairfax & Roberts’ designers were influenced by both the rugged landscape and the delicate nature of the fauna and water, to design an ethereal diamond- encrusted necklace that perfectly captures the fragile beauty amidst the hardiness of the natural landscape. Fairfax & Roberts is known for its Art Deco-inspired jewellery and craftsmanship, and this piece is no exception.

The Wolgan Necklace is made up of hundreds of different cuts of diamonds set in white gold and finished with a stunning pear-cut emerald that celebrates the beauty of nature, the elegant style for which Fairfax & Roberts is admired, and the refinement of its owner. A detailed sketch will be on display at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley, and the piece will be custom-made on request.

An elegant, everyday version of The Wolgan Necklace has also been created by Fairfax & Roberts, to be worn as a daily reminder of the beauty of nature. Enhanced with strategically placed diamonds, this pendant is the perfect way to elevate the everyday to an extraordinary  moment. It can be worn both in a lariat style as well as wound more tightly as a choker. While the design of the piece remains constant,  personalisation is possible through the choice of the interchangeable briolette stones.

The Wolgan Necklace by jeweller Fairfax & Roberts valley-reflections

This January, Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley unveils ‘Valley Reflections’, an inspiring sculpture exhibition curated by internationally renowned sculptor, Selina Hitches. A collection of 19 large-scale sculptures, each is artfully arranged within the private valley and World Heritage Area that surrounds Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley. The thought-provoking outdoor exhibition gives guests a unique glimpse into the astounding creative talents of prominent Australian sculptors such as Ulan Murray, Rachel Burns, Ian Bell and Vikki Holik-Blazley.

Created from recycled materials such as Australian hardwood, sandstone, copper and steel, the sculptures in the collection are aligned with the resort’s sustainability and conservation focus. Occupying just one per cent of a 7,000-acre wildlife reserve, Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley is a world-leading example of carbon neutral conservation and sustainable design, built according to a philosophy of complete integration with the environment. Whilst each of the stunning sculptures in the collection is unique, they all harmonise with the spectacular natural landscape and add a wonderful new dimension to the resort’s quintessential Australian bush experience.

Guests can enhance their engagement with the exhibition by following the ‘Valley Reflections’ walking map, which takes guests on a journey, exploring the artworks juxtaposed with the flora and fauna of Wolgan Valley. The resort’s conservationists are also on hand to ensure that guests gain a deeper understanding of the stunning wilderness setting.

“Rarely do we find a paradise like EmiratesOne&Only Wolgan Valley, in which the landscape so totally encompasses the historical, ecological and spiritual,” comments curator Selina Hitches. “This exhibition has, as its primary aim, evolved as a reflection on the pristine and timeless environment, as our artists to attempt to capture its essence. We hope that guests of the resort find in the many exquisite forms and practices of our Australian artists,a moment of reflection, of connection and above all, enjoyment.”

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