The Rise of the “Instagram Face”




Social media has changed life in many ways over the years both for good and bad. One aspect which is causing quite a stir on the internet in recent times is the rise of what is known as “Instagram Face” and how this has created a dangerous homogenized version of beauty in the eyes of many.

What is Instagram Face?

So, what exactly is Instagram Face? This is how one look and style of beauty is becoming increasingly prevalent leading women all around the world to strive to achieve this one look. Key figures that have influenced this include Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid who then influenced other influencers on social media which, in turn, has inspired women all over the globe to achieve this look – if you have presence on social media, the chances are high that you will see people that have taken steps to achieve this look.

Pressure to Conform

The difficulty with Instagram Face is that it is a homogenized version of beauty and is becoming so prevalent that many women feel a great deal of pressure to subscribe to this aesthetic. Additionally, this is a look which is often achieved through a combination of cosmetic surgery and photo editing so it is unrealistic and could lead to a wide range of issues for women that are impressionable and self-conscious and wanting to fit in with “the norm”.

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Two-Sides to the Debate

This has created interesting dialogue in recent times because on the one hand it allows people to comfort to a clear beauty standard which could help to improve their self-confidence and esteem. The reverse side of this is that this could communicate that there is only one version of beauty when in reality everyone is beautiful in their own way and it is uniqueness and diversity that makes people special.

Improving Self-Confidence is Good

While people should take steps to improve their self-confidence and feel happy in their own skin, it is dangerous when there is only one visible idea of beauty on platforms on social media particularly when it is often unrealistic and unattainable. Cosmetic surgery is no longer taboo and can actually do wonders for people’s self-esteem, but it is important that people are aware of the beauty of diversity and individuality and the dangers of everyone striving for the same look and following the crowd.

The rise of Instagram Face has been a controversial and fascinating topic to emerge in recent years and it is important that people are aware of this trend and what it could mean for people’s self-image.