The Perfume Foundation launches Perfumery Art School

The Perfume Foundation, one of the leading authority on environmental and health issues related to fragrances and scents, has formalised an agreement with The Perfumery Art School UK, the online school with a vocational purpose addressing perfume enthusiasts, perfumers and all those working in fragrance-related career, to certify their first online Art of perfumery course with the objective to educate, inspire and enthuse students in the Art of Perfumery, Perfume Heritage, Aromas, Scents and Flavors. Further online courses are in the process and will include the application of traditional perfumery and the respect of New Luxury Code in the fields of Marketing, Health, Social Influence, Culture and Trade.

The Art of Perfumery has been used for more than 3000 years and its existence is mainly about delivering on the data and facts regarding the beneficial power of plants and flowers instead of about the synthetic molecules created by scientists and technician within the laboratories controlled by the chemical industry, and which currently compose the core of the perfume, fragrance and cosmetic brands sold commercially and to the end consumer.

The Perfume Art School was founded by Isabelle Gellé, one of the first perfumer who decided in 2006 to establish herself in the UK and started an online perfumery business restoring the use of 100% natural ingredients in her perfume compositions.

Belgian non-profit organisation ASBL / VZW  The Perfume Foundation was created in 1995 and it is recognised by UNESCO, Government Institutions, the perfume and cosmetic industry and NGO’s.

The Perfume Foundation goals are to develop, conduct, coordinate, expand and stimulate new laboratory and clinical research to improve the toxicity testing of perfumes. The Perfume Foundation encourages tests on human cells and refutes animal testing.

The ultimate goal of The Perfume Foundation is to protect the Perfume Heritage and the Art of Perfumery.