The most expensive homes in China prepared for the most successful people

The most expensive homes in China priced at US$47 million



Villas at ThaiHot Mansion and Courtyards by the Canal, a property located in the suburbs of eastern Beijing developed by Beijing Taihe Real Estate Development Co., are the most expensive homes in China.

“Prepared for the most successful people in all of China”, each of the US$47 million villa has floors covered in gold and black Italian marble, Roman-style swimming pools, walk-in cigar cabinets, US$7,865 gold-plated swan sink faucets, US$23,500 crystal chandeliers worth, and bullet-proof compartments.

“In China now there’s no emperor, but living in such residences, there’s a feeling of being emperors and nobles,” said Shen Linan, assistant to the president of the Taihe Group, which had a role in building the site.

The price of real estate development in China doubled over a four-year period.