Camping-trailer design: The future of caravanning is getting increasingly smarter

Airstream Serenity

Airstream Serenity; photo: airstream

Technology has connected the world. We want to stay connected to the comforts of home, even when you are far from it. There’s no reason the “wired world” can’t follow us into the great outdoors, especially aboard the new range of high-end trailers available on the market. That means a more comfortable camping experience every time, everywhere. The floor plans of the new trailers are designed to maximize every inch, from the spacious bathroom to the fully-equipped kitchen and even to the garage. You’ll have everything you need and even more!


airstream smart control technology; photo: airstream

Airstream, the aluminum homes away from home, is once again fusing retro-chic with high-end trailers’ amenities.

With all-new Smart Control Technology, you can control and monitor your Airstream Classic’s most important features and amenities from anywhere. This August, Airstream has teamed up with AT&T to provide the vehicles with LTE connectivity through the Smart Control mobile app. The Airstream’s owners can control the RV’s battery levels, temperature, propane tank, and lights.

“After a long day of hiking, turn on your interior and exterior lights from anywhere for a safe and reassuring return. If you’re far away and unsure if you turned the lights off, a simple tap gives you peace of mind,” says Airstream’s team.

The internet connection allows you to link up to 10 WiFi devices so you can use that connection for all your video calls, shows and movie streaming or for enjoying your harrah’s casino bonus code. Your escape is guaranteed to be an experience with a varied entertainment programmes – for all generations.

“Combining its iconic history and today’s tech is a smart move by Airstream, notes” In the near future, it hopes to integrated smart speakers like Alexa and others. The system is still in the early beta stage, but I was able to turn the lights on and off and set a mode (controlling multiple elements at once) with my voice.”

Airstream is also looking at figuring out how studying a camper‘s behaviors can help the system build a robust profile of that person. “For instance, the app could tell you (based on your history) how long your battery will last and if you have enough water to hang out in the desert for three days without hookups,” added

mercedes magellano extended

mercedes magellano; photo: magellano

Customers appreciate innovation: It is striking that the younger generation is taking a far greater interest in camping and caravanning than some years ago.

The range of available leisure vehicles for the year to come is unique and leaves nothing to be desired. Completely furnished van campers and connectivity were the focal themes at this year’s Caravan Salon DÜSSELDORF 2018.

Mobile vacationing as a form of holiday-making continues to be a top trend, said the organizers of the CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF 2018. The 57th edition of the world’s largest trade fair for motorhomes has exceeded all expectations and succeeded in clearly surpassing last year’s record results.

“We cater to these newbies providing a service-oriented and customer-friendly advice centre in the form of the StarterWorld. It was also striking to see even more young families with children taking an interest in this form of holiday-making,” says CARAVAN SALON Director Stefan Koschke.

“The increased demand for high-quality furnishing components is striking. People increasingly view their RVs more as homes on wheels and are therefore prepared to invest in comfort and functionality,” explained Bernd Löher, General Manager at Dometic GmbH.

In 2017, Dethleffs presented their concept for a fully electric motorhome fitted with solar panels. At this year’s Caravan Salon the company presented a fully electric caravan trailer named e.home coco.

Dethleffs’ e.home coco is the first caravan with its own e-drive. Equipped with high-performance batteries, two hub motors and smart control electronics, the “passive trailer” becomes an active “living vehicle”. Of particular importance here is the strain relief module of the e.home coco. It controls the two electric drive motors of the axle so that the trailer load at the coupling head of the towing vehicle is reduced to a defined value – of 100kg for example. This allows even small towing vehicles to tow heavy caravans/trailers whose total mass far exceeds the car’s permitted trailer load. In combination with an electric car as a towing vehicle this means that realistic travel ranges can be achieved.

volkner mobil - motorhome

photo: volkner mobil

Boasting a total length of 12 metres the Volkner Mobil Performance S provides room for “fully grown” passenger cars in its patented centre garage.

The patented central garage of Volkner Mobil Performance S’ motorhomes provides the opportunity to take your favorite car on vacation. Whether 911, BMW i8, Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet, Ferrari, Mini Cooper, or whatever, the “dinghy” is simply driven and pulled in hydraulically.

The 500 HP vehicle is equipped with three air-conditioning and five heating systems as well as 1,700 Ah battery capacity and 1,830 kW solar modules. These batteries also supply the induction hob, the oven and the dishwasher with electricity. The 5kW gen set renders outside power supply superfluous even in winter operation. Those still not happy with the room available inside can expand it significantly with an optional slide out or wall-out element.

Concorde Centurion

Concorde Centurion; photo: Concorde

Concorde Ceturion 2018 interior-

Concorde Ceturion; photo: concorde centurion

The dream of the drivable castle has come true with the new Concorde Centurion.

With a vehicle width of up to 2.5 metres and a height of 3.85 metres, there is plenty of room to stretch out inside the land yacht.

The self-supporting “Caravanboat” by Metall- und Bootsbau Wolgast fuses a caravan with a houseboat. It is suited for versatile uses on land and on water. The Caravanboat complete with its trailers measures nine metres in length and is two metres wide. The entry and exit door forms part of a panorama window in the front part. The land-water hybrid features a 15 HP outboard motor and can therefore be steered on the water without any boating licence (from the age of 16). And skippers do not have to forego luxury either! The Caravanboat comes with a high-quality finish, a fully fletched kitchen, WC incl. shower as well as a roofed terrace and sleeps four people.

Caravanbot photos

photo: Caravanbot