The epitome of the Italian lifestyle at Altagamma’s LARTE

LARTE comes to Milan: Italian dining and hospitality inspired by Altagamma. 

Altagamma (Associazione Italiana delle Industrie di Alta Gamma), the body of luxury brands of Italy, opened a concept store dedicated to
the contemporary Italian lifestyle through the culinary excellence, the arts, design and fashion. Larte store in the heart of Milan is
developed by a team of Italian luxury labels from different sectors of the luxury industry in accordance with the spirit of the Altagamma

With Davide Rampello responsible for the creative direction and Ermanno Zanini of the Capri Palace Hotel installed as manager, LARTE is a cafeteria, chocolate shop, ‘hosteria’ – in the original sense of a place that ‘hosts’ visitors -, restaurant and shopping centre wrapped up
in one: a place that speaks Italian and where every detail represents the epitome of the Italian lifestyle.

The project is the result of collaboration between companies of Italian excellence that have come together to enhance the “made in Italy”.

Among the brands that have joined the initiative are Alessi, Artemide, Bellavista, Ca ‘del Bosco, Cantine Ferrari, Caffarel, Illycaffè, San
Pellegrino and Santo Versace.