The Art of Packing: Optimise your luggage space

Louis Vuitton teaches you how to pack


Watch the process: The Art of Packing by Louis Vuitton. The interactive experience presents the functionality of Alzer, Pégase and Keepall suitcases. The visitor can interact with the items and follow the folding instructions step by step, or simply watch the video.

Pégase bag rolls, saving effort when carrying heavy luggage. It is structured, protecting all the items inside it. It has a garment cover to hang a suit.

The Alzer bag provides maximum protection for its contents. It features a removable inside tray to separate the different items and ensure optimal use of the space. First open the center lock then release the latches at the sides.

Keepall bag is versatile and lightweight. It can be folded to fit in a suitcase, and is perfect as an additional travel bag. Pack your favorite luxury bag with these expert tips.