My personal drone


Autopilot technology, GPS, and cameras, have grown small enough to fit on a toy plane and affordable enough for amateurs to buy, in part because these electronics are also integral components of smartphones. The domestic drones are the newest and coolest toys.

Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of the Wired magazine, predicts the rise of the personal drone industry.

“To give a sense of the scale of the personal drone movement, DIY Drones—an online community that I founded in 2007 — has 26,000 members, who fly drones that they either assemble themselves or buy premade from dozens of companies that serve the amateur market,” explains Anderson.

“All told, there are probably around 1,000 new personal drones that take to the sky every month; that figure rivals the drone sales of the world’s top aerospace companies. And the personal drone industry is growing much faster.” What are all these amateurs doing with their drones? Read here and here.