US, United Arab Emirates and Russian Chefs win Gold and Silver at the culinary Olympics

Beijing International Cuisine Competition


The US won Gold in the individual chef competition, and Silver in the team competition at the BICC, The Beijing International Cuisine Competition, called the Asian culinary Olympics. The United Arab Emirates won Gold in the Team Competition, and Russia won Silver in the individual contest.

This competition aims to make a bridge for world culinary artists to communicate and promote the interflowing of the diet culture between China and the world.

Chef Individual Competition
1 -US – Duong H.Khai, Executive Chef, Vietnamese Restaurant Ana Mandara, San Francisco.
2 -Russia – Igor Tumarkin, SIA Center of Hospitality “Europe”
3 -Thailand – Thanaphat Buapijit- Thai Terrace Restaurant-Dubai
4 -Korea – Yeo Kyungok, Le Grand Large Samsung Hotel
5 -Australia – Sean Connolly, The Grill Restaurant in Auckland, NZ.
6 -UK – Jerome Henry, Head Chef, Mossiman’s London.
7 -France – Cyril Rouquet, Louvre Bouteille , Paris

Chef Team Competition
1 -UAE – The Emirates Culinary Team, President Uwe Micheel.
2 -US – Le Cordon Bleu North America, Coach Edward G.Leonard.
3 -Singapore – Tunglok Group Team
4 -Peru – Universidad San Martin de Porres, Chef Augusto Buitron
5 -Bangladesh – Mr.Kuma, Tasneem-E-Ferdous.
6.-Indonesia – Taipan Restaurant Team
7- Tunisia – The Tunisia Culinary Team, Coach Zouhair Ben Jemaa
8 -Chile – Gourmet Patagonia Team, Coach Francisco Fantini
Chefs from 34 countries were present at BICC.
The Chinese Chefs Competition
The Chinese chefs competition was separate. Two thousand chefs from mainland China participated in the first eliminations stages, with two hundred chefs in the final, June 19 and 20 at Beijing Olympic Park. The President of the Chinese Jury was Chef Da Dong.